Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ibotta- great app for coupon beginners!

Lots of people have been wondering what I have been doing while I've been on my hiatus. Don't worry. I'm a reviewing and saving mommy so I've still be sharing all my tips and tricks of the trade with my friends. I'm a little bit slower with discovering new things but I'm still at it. My latest find is Ibotta.

Ibotta is what I like to call a beginning couponer app. It's perfect for those moms who want to start saving but don't have time for clipping coupons or don't want to be extreme couponers. Not to mention it comes with some great incentives for using. I must admit I was a little hesitant with using the app because sometimes the apps need to be active in the store and most of the time phones don't have service in stores!! So what good does that do ya?!

So how does it work? First head to your phone's app store (play store for google phones and iTunes for iPhones) and download the FREE app. Set up your account and you are ready to go!

First, load the offers and choose your products. Pros: You don't have thousands of coupons to search through and you don't have to use a physical coupon. You just click on the product offer you want. It keeps you from getting overwhelmed if you are a newbie.  Cons: You don't have thousands of coupons to choose from. It's only a few select products (around 20). You might not find the products you want or need.

Second, go shopping. Pros: you get the same products you would normally buy but you don't have to worry about bringing along coupons. Cons: There are only a select number of stores you can shop from. (Don't worry; It's still a really big list).

Third, Snap a photo. When you get home find the products you chose. You will be asked to do simple tasks (for money) like take a survey or watch a video. Then you will "redeem offer". This is simply taking a picture of your receipt and then using the phone to scan the barcode on the product and submitting them both! Pros: Simple! Cons: It's not that easy to get a great pic of your receipt. Just keep trying.

Finally, get paid! Just link up your paypal account (yes you will need one but they are easy to set up) and when you hit a payout threshold (I think it's $5) then you can transfer money to your account. Pros: Easy to do and you make lots of money! Cons: Ok honestly it's only a few bucks at a time but a little something is better than nothing!

BONUS: You get bonus offers constantly! Like right now, just for signing up you get $10! You can't beat that (kind of wish it was offered when I joined...LOL). There are also bonuses for completing certain offers or tasks. I think I got one for redeeming my first offer. The offer was only $.50 but the bonus was a $1!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and try it out! You'll get $10 just for trying it out and redeeming an offer! And of course I have a link. Just click HERE to start earning money now!

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