Thursday, April 25, 2013

Matchbox: Heroes Wanted!

* This is a sponsored post written on behalf of MomSelect and Matchbox. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

My kids think they are heroes. I guess it's because it's all the rage right now. You have DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Transformers and even our regular every day heroes (firemen and police officers) all over the place!

Matchbox has gotten in on the fun and wants to reward our every day "little" heroes with a great contest! It's easy to enter. Just take a picture of your child dressed up like their favorite real life hero: My son first wanted to use this picture:

then I reminded him that the Hulk, Thor, Captain America look wasn't really a real life hero. He then remembered a few weeks ago that we had toured a firefighter's truck at our local Lowe's and a firefighter commented on his jacket saying he was already prepared to be a fireman. He later told me that he wanted to be a firefighter when he grows up. Here's a picture of the jacket he was wearing ( we wanted a hat but they didn't have any with them):

I thought he looked great! He insists on the hood until he can get a REAL hat...LOL. After you have your picture, head on over to, submit your picture along with a caption explaining why your kid is a true Matchbox® hero and you're done. Yep! It's just that simple. Submissions will be featured on the Matchbox Heroes Wanted Facebook gallery page and your child will have a chance to win "the grand prize - a $60,000 college scholarship! 60 prize pack giveaways will be awarded weekly consisting of a Matchbox® branded gift box, a personalized photo-frame thank you card and four heroic Matchbox® vehicles". The contest is running between now and May 13 so you still have plenty of time to enter! So tell your kiddo to "suit up" and show their heroic smile!! 

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