Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Over the weekend, March 2nd to be exact, it was Dr. Seuss' birthday. Actually I never know if the proper way to do that is Dr. Seuss' or Dr. Seuss's. Any help there? :/

In order to celebrate the kids and I made Dr. Seuss hats, read some Dr. Seuss books, and watched the Lorax while snacking on one fish, two fish, red fish in blue jello...LOL. The one fish, two fish was actually blue jello with red sweedish fish and it ended up being more than two fish for my kids...LOL Check out the pictures of all of our fun!

But the fun doesn't stop there.

Right now, if you join the Dr. Seuss Bookclub (a great way to build your Dr. Seuss library at a great price) you will receive 5 books for $5.95 (you can't even buy one Dr. Seuss book for that in the stores) and a free Cat in the Hat backpack to carry them in! The five books you receive are: The Cat in the Hat, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Ten Apples On Top, Go Dog Go! & The Tooth Book (we have all five in our house) So what are you waiting for? Head on over and join now!

Fine print: Receive 3 new books each month.
Preview upcoming packages Risk free. Cancel anytime.
• No purchase commitment
• High quality, hard covered editions.
• Convenience of home delivery for less than $5 per book.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Note: This offer is a monthly book club. Customers will automatically be charged and sent additional books each month. To manage your account, call 1-800-353-3140 or login to your account online:

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