Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Every cloud has a silver lining

Wow! How I wish that were true. Right now it seems like I have way too many clouds and not enough silver linings! I just noticed that it's the 5th day into the month and I've only blogged once. That is so unlike me. However, life caught up with me in a bad way. I've had some health issues, some family health issues and then I've just been super busy with the kids and lots of personal stuff. So where does blogging fit in?

That's what I'm wondering!! What's the one thing that makes me feel better and gives me a chance to let it all out? Blogging! I have tons of great reviews, recipes (I've actually already taken the pictures) and some great educational/seasonal resources lined up to share but I just can't seem to find a few hours, heck who am I kidding, one hour to get on here and share them!

Yes, I know I'm venting. Yes, I know I need a change and yes I hope that change in coming soon. I just hope that everyone stays patient, sticks around and can still support me when I come back from this brief hiatus! :)

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