Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can I legally change my name to Mommy?

Well I figured I should change my name. Maybe it's because I hear "Mommy" 24/7. I was going to say not literally 24/7 but actually I think it is 24/7. I even hear "Mommy" in my dreams. Or maybe I should change it because I don't even remember what my real name actually is. I almost wrote Mommy on something I had to sign yesterday.

It all began with two sick kids. We went to the beach and my daughter ended up with this nasty cold and fever. She was home from school on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday she was better and both kids went to school. Then, lo and behold, after church school that night my son came home with a 102 fever. Needless to say he was out of school on Thursday and Friday.

What does this all mean? It means that mommy (see I'm even calling myself that!!) was stuck in the house all week. My kids woke up every night at 4:00am, which is now my new wakeup time because I'm so used to getting up with one of them, either with a high temp, coughing or eyes sealed shut from drainage! And what was the first thing they uttered  screamed when they woke up? "MOMMY"! Not to mention I didn't go work out once this week so I know I'm going to be feeling it next week. The only adult conversations I had were over the phone so I got used to speaking like a 4 or 5 year old and referring to myself in the third person, "Mommy has to cook", " What can Mommy do for you", etc. I even responded to a kid today at Walmart who was calling his own Mommy. I think I'm losing my mind!

So here's my question. Can I legally change my name to Mommy? It would make my life so much easier. Then when I respond to some strange kid or forget what my real name is then I'm covered. Now mind you this must be a FREE name change. I'm just a "mommy" blogger so I don't make enough money to afford a REAL payment.

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