Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blocks are for Girls too! Mega Bloks Barbie MommyParty!

For my son's birthday he got all these cool mega bloks and lego toy sets. My daughter loved them! I didn't even know she liked those kind of blocks. So when I got picked to host a Mega Bloks Barbie  party from MommyParties at MomSelect. I couldn't wait to surprise her! I was able to invite over a few of her girlfriends for a building and imagaination party of the year (well, the first one of this year).

Unfortunately our first party was cancelled because of this:

So I rescheduled for the next weekend. I wasn't sure if we could top the snow but we were up for the challenge. First, here's the complete kit we received in the mail (the prizes for the guests are not pictured):

It included the Mega Bloks Barbie build 'n Style Luxury Mansion, the Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Style Pool Party and 10 Mega Bloks Build 'n Style Kiosks. The picture is actually a picture of our party set-up. We were going with a pink theme with the pink heart cakes, smarties and pink lemonade (not pictured). I figured the less food the more the girls would play...more about that later.

First I wanted to share how detailed these kits actually are. We decided to put together the Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Style Pool Party first.

I hope you noticed how I pointed out how many pieces were included. Yes! That says 159 and it's appropriate for ages 4 and up. However, I think any age kiddo would love help from an adult! Here's a picture of all the pieces laid out just to give you an idea of what you're working with:

We were so into putting it together that I forgot to take pictures. My husband even stopped what he was doing to help. I personally LOVE these kind of block kits so it was fun to put it together with my five year old. (Note- it can be a little difficult to snap some of the pieces together if your child is in the younger age range). She loved putting it together but I think she loved playing with the actual little mega blok Barbie the best! And here's a picture of the final product:

Who wouldn't want a pool setup like that?? It even has a grill with hotdogs! What's the best part? Well, I'll tell you! You can take apart the pieces and put them together to make tons of different pool setups (my daughter's favorite thing to do). I'm a little Type A so I like it the way it's "supposed" to be but my daughter was coming up with some really creative set ups.

Now on to the party. Here are pictures of the other two sets we put together.

The top picture is of the take home gift each girl got. The bottom is the amazing dream house. I totally forgot to take a picture of the back with the detailed rooms. The girls wouldn't move once they started playing to give me a chance to take pictures. The moms and I got a kick out of listening to the elaborate stories they were putting together. Barbie comes over to sell ice cream to the big house but the other girls are eating cupcakes and watching TV or going up and down the elevator (yes, there is an elevator on the other side that really works).

I did try to get a few action shots and made sure I got a picture of the girls with their gifts before they ran to their moms and asked them to open them!

So if you want to set your daughter's imagination and creativity free I suggest you pick up some Mega Bloks Barbie sets. There are many to choose from and you can pick them up at Walmart, Kmart and Target (I checked...hehehe).

Disclosure: As a hostess for Mega Bloks Barbie MommyParty, I was supplied the items above at no charge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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