Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You have an itch? Try TriCalm!

My son suffers from mild eczema and my daughter has dry skin, just like their mom. I know how much of a pain it can be for me, constantly having to put on lotion but it's even worse for the kids. My son is on a prescription cream for his flare ups but what do I do when he is only a little itchy? And what about my daughter who doesn't need a medicated cream but is still bothered with itchy skin at random times.

That's where TriCalm comes in. TriCalm is a hydrogel, that offers almost instant relief from burning, itching and stinging caused by rashes, hives, sunburn, allergic reactions, bug bites, poison ivy and other skin ailments, like eczema. It contains COSMEDERM-7, a compound of strontium which is a naturally occurring element found in leafy green veggies. It's safe for daily use on adults and KIDS! And the most important part for me, it doesn't contain steroids!
My Take: Thanks to Moms Meet I was able to try out TriCalm for myself during the holidays which was a perfect time for my family. We all suffer mildly from various seasonal allergies. Nothing is serious enough for us to constantly be on prescription medication or a need for something that strong. We just need something that will give immediate relief for a limited amount of time. TriCalm is perfect. Now as for my son, it wasn't that much of a help to him during the holidays. The weather was dry and his eczema was flaring up so much we had to use his prescription cream. However, it was just dry enough for my daughter to have issues. I put a little TriCalm on her and it worked great. At first she did complain about it being wet; it is a gel and it's clear and does have a cool feeling to it. It also took a little while to dry and she didn't like that. I was worried that it would be a little drying to her skin since it was a gel but there wasn't a complaint from the kids.

*photo credit- from the TriCalm website
The best part of TriCalm came with holiday school projects. My husband was helping the kids make shadow boxes so he cut a few branches from a pine tree. As he and the kids created "trees" in the shadow box he started rubbing his hands and I noticed they were bright red. That's when I remembered that he is allergic to some fir and pine! That's why we have an artificial tree...DUH! It's normally sneezing and watery eyes but since he had touched the branch directly it was having a more physical and visual effect. I ran and grabbed the TriCalm. Honestly, my husband hated using it because he hates to use any kind of "lotion". However, he had to agree that within minutes his hands returned to their normal color and the itching subsided. Thanks TriCalm.

Buy it: If you want to try out TriCalm for yourself then you can purchase it online from the TriCalm website for $9.49 for a 2oz tube. I would recommend it to anyone who has kids. It's a quick fix for those minor bites, itches and rashes that all kids get.

Win it: I have two tubes of TriCalm to giveaway to two lucky readers (one per winner). This giveaway is open to the US only. It will begin on January 16 and end on January 23. Just fill out the simple rafflecopter form to enter.

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