Friday, January 4, 2013

Mega Swagbucks Day!

welcome to Mega Swagbucks Day!! Yes it's a new year and there's lots of new things going on with swagbucks. However, good ole' Mega Swagbucks Day is still around and I'm really hoping that I can get something good like 1000 swagbucks today! I know I say that every week but one of these weeks it's going to be true! So get out there and get searching! And if you haven't signed up then read below and get to it! Swagbucks is still one of my favorite websites/programs from last year! Hey, it paid for most of Christmas!

Today is MEGA Swagbucks day! You can get anywhere from 1-1000 swagbucks from doing simple searches using the swagbucks toolbar or search engine! I'm really hoping to rack up on some bucks today! One day I won 39 swagbucks for doing a search!!! So what are you waiting for? Get to searching! And don't forget to take the Daily Polls. I know it's only 1 swagbuck but that adds up quick! If you want to know more about Swagbucks read my post HERE and get yourself an account. You get 30 points just for registering!! Go HERE to sign up! I've already started using my Swagbucks to get all those awesome deals that keep popping up on Amazon. It only takes 450 swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift Card!! 

So what's the latest from Swagbucks for 2013? Read on to find out! 

Swagbucks has found a way to make it even easier to get your free stuff - they've introduced Survey Profiles, which allows you to earn Swag Bucks for completing surveys that are sent right to your email inbox! To get started, just go to the "My Settings" area of and select the "Survey Profiles" tab - sign up for email surveys and confirm your email address. Then you can complete 16 different surveys that will help ensure that you get relevant surveys sent to you. Those profiles are worth 2 Swag Bucks each. Once you're finished, you'll receive surveys directly to your email and get reward when you complete them! This is a great way to earn some points! I signed up myself. So hurry on over and sign up!

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