Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Joys of making a Gingerbread house!

I'm not that creative. Yes, I admit it. But I do like to do fun things with the kids. This Christmas they both wanted to do a Gingerbread House. As soon as I heard that, I cringed. My creative decorating skills will be of no help to making a Gingerbread House. However, my husband came to the rescue. In fact, he loves doing creative projects, usually with wood and nails but hey, how is that different from cookies, icing and candy?

In case I was going to be forced to participate I decided to go with the pre-made kits. Less time and less of a headache. This one looked perfect because it had a house, a tree and a gingerbread man. That means we could build the house as a family and each kid could decorate a smaller item!

So we got started. First, it was quite difficult to get just the right amount of icing (which just so happened to be A LOT) on the gingerbread to make it stick. It absolutely takes more than one person to put everything together! We tried to take pictures of our experience (a little hard to take a picture while you are using icing...LOL)

 I wanted to get a close up of my daughter's hands. She kept licking the icing and my son kept eating the gum balls. I think it was the first time he had ever tried them. He thought it was so cool that there was gum in the middle!

Of course we all got into the fun adding our own little creative touches! My daughter did the peppermints at the top.

 And my son loved doing the gum drop path!

Now drum roll please...the FINAL PRODUCT:

 We have it displayed on our counter but the kids keep wanting to eat it. We also bought a gingerbread train set. Guess that's what we'll be doing tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!! :)

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