Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Esio Hot/Cold Beverage Dispenser

I am the Queen of drink machines. Actually let me rephrase that. My husband and I are the Royal Family of drink machines. In his bachelor days he bought an actual soda machine dispenser, at the time it was used to store beer but now it stores juice boxes and drinks for the kids...LOL. We also have a stand alone 5 Gallon water cooler which is constantly in use now that the kids are older. My contributions include, a Keurig, a Soda Stream and a Tassimo. I know what you are thinking. Why would I need all three? Well, the Keurig is for my coffee, the Tassimo was for my lattes and cappuccinos and the Soda Stream was for bubbly drinks for the family. SO yes, I need all three.

The latest edition to my drink machine collection is the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser. If you live in Walmart, like I do, I'm sure you have seen it. It's one of the hottest gift ideas of the season. Sure, I know. The Keurig can do hot and cold drinks but the Esio does something that none of the other machines can do. It can dispense hot OR cold water. Yep, you don't need ice. Just place your cup under the spout and press the cold water button and there you go! Of course you can't forget to pick one of the awesome esio pac flavors to put in the machine. They have over 12 different hot or cold flavors ranging from coffee to tea and even fruit juices! You're sure to find something for every member of your family.

My Take: I was so excited when my big box with my Esio Dispenser arrived at the door. I couldn't wait to try it out! I quickly pulled it out, along with the 12 awesome boxes of E-Paks (pictured below) and started to set it up. Now I'm a big directions reader and this was simple. You just plugged it in and filled it up with filtered water! Then you wait for about 5 -30 minutes (longer time for the water to cool ) and you're ready to start.

First, pick your favorite E-Pak, the small pouches that contain your drink mix. Each pouch has enough mix to make 14 servings! We opted for the Country Time Lemonade (which by the way I had to run back to Walmart and buy two more packs), pull off the foil tab and stick it into the machine. No, punching, no turning, no twisting! Just stick it in and close the door.

Second, set the strength. You can go for a weak drink or turn the dial up for full flavor. I like most of my drinks strong so I opted for full flavor. I have also tried the other settings but the weak just didn't work for me. Not to mention there are tons of flavors to choose from:

Third, push the cold button or hot button to dispense the water and start the automatic mixing. I love that it has a safety control where you have to push an additional button to cause the hot water to pour! Good thinking!!

Finally, pick up your cup and enjoy. You can use any kind of cup, we even fill up the sippy cups. You know how I mentioned we have purchased more E-paks? Well, that's because my kids love to use the machine. I only have two issues with it. One, it's super big. At least double the size of my Keurig so it will take up quite a bit of counter space. Two, it will not fit larger thermos size containers...meaning I can't fix my coffee! :( Third, there aren't many e-paks to choose from. However, I'm expecting that to change the more popular the machine gets.

Buy it: So if you're looking for a great last minute Christmas gift head on over to Walmart or and pick you up an Esio Dispenser. My Walmart had them for $199 and the e-paks were about $6. A little pricey for my taste but worth it if you have a daughter who loves lemonade...LOL. They even have e-pak carousels that you can purchase to hold your epaks for about $20! Not bad at all! Now, excuse me while I go enjoy a nice cold glass of Country Time Lemonade. :)

Disclosure: This item was provided to me at no charge as a part of a Mom Select program. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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