Wednesday, November 28, 2012

*HOT* toys for the Season: Pinypon Party

I'm all about Christmas toys! I can't stop checking out all the new toys and seeing what the kids want. Sometimes you might even catch me asking them, "do you want Santa to bring you that?" simply because I think it's cool. Oh and don't think I'm the only one! You should see my husband. "I'm going to get that for our son", me: "oh really? He doesn't even like that!", him: "He will learn to like it after he sees me using it" LOL

I had the pleasure of trying out one of the hottest toys of the season and sharing them with some of my daughter's friends. I'm sure if you have kids then you have seen the commercials for Pinypon on TV. It's always on the Nickelodeon (or is it just Nick now) stations. If not, then here's a little bit about these cute toys:

Welcome to the world of Pinypon, a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion, accessories and the newest hairstyles. Shopping is one of their favorite things to do! With their pets, they travel the world in their super-cool van going to new places and making new friends. Pinypon is a colorful collection of interchangeable friends. You can mix and match everything - dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces, for tons of fun!
My Take: Thanks to MommySelect and Pinypon, I received this awesome party pack full of Pinypon dolls and some of the Caravans pictured below.

 We then invited over a few of my daughter's closest DIVA friends to try out the dolls.  First, I have to admit, we took the caravan out for my daughter to play with before her friends came over. Not only did she love it but my son loved it too! I mean, what boy doesn't love cars and the caravan is a multi purpose car. He loved taking it apart and using the "working" pool that is attached. My son had a playdate during the party and even he had fun checking them out!

And the girls had a blast. They couldn't stop changing the outfits and changing the clothes. I think the best part for them was the fact the head comes off and you can store the little accessories in it. They kept laughing about that part. You should have seen their faces when I told each girl that they were going home with a Pinypon of their choice. Some even asked if they could have two so they could change the outfits....LOL

The moms were excited that I gave them coupons to purchase more. They all agreed that this is a great Christmas gift idea, especially the caravan. UPDATE: I talked to some of the moms today and they said although they LOVE the toys and how their daughters keep doing fashion shows they were tired of picking up all the little pieces...LOL. Now you must remember I only invited over 4 and 5 year old little girls. They are learning how to store the pieces but I think they were more intrigued with the dolls than worrying about all the tiny pieces! Just a heads up!

I also received a Numeco doll for my daughter and her friends to play with. Now this doll is kind of cool! You can feed it with a bottle (I mean really feed it! Put water in the bottle, stick it in the baby's mouth and basically let it "drink"!) and when the baby is finished you have a potty for it to sit on and make "pee-pee". The moms got a kick out of it and the girls couldn't help but fighting over who gets to "take care" of the baby. We had to put on a timer!

Buy it: Now I know everyone wants to run out and get these for their daughters! As a matter of fact Pinypon has been featured on the Amazon lighting deals and they were sold out in minutes! (Yes, I tried to get it for my daughter but I wasn't quick enough). Right now Amazon has the PInypon dolls for around $8 (prices vary depending on the doll...and yes there is a boy one (my son plays with him) and the caravan is $20 at Toys 'R' Us. Not bad at all!

If you want to learn more about Pinypon then check them out on Facebook and Twitter. On facebook you can find a link to some great coupons...including $2 off of the caravan!

Disclosure: I received these products for review purposes as part of a MomSelect Party. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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