Thursday, October 4, 2012

We had a Fisher Price Joy of Learning House Party! #fisherpriceplaydate

I don't know how many of you know about House Party but if you don't then you should! This is the third House Party that I have thrown and I LOVE them! I'll tell you all about how you can sign up for House Parties after I share about my latest bash!

We were chosen to do a Fisher Price Joy of Learning party for pre-school boys. Now what does that mean? No, it doesn't mean I had to invite all boys. No, it doesn't mean the party was all about rowdy 3-5 year olds running around terrorizing the place. Actually, it was a little bit of that...but anyway! ;) It was all about getting this awesome HUGE box full of the latest Imaginext toys from Fisher Price to share with my kids and a few of their close friends and families. So I know what you all are asking....what did you get? Well check it out!

YES, we got it ALL! I'm sure you've seen the Imaginext commercials on TV for this set! It was so hard to keep it a secret from my kids because every time they saw the commercial they would ask for it for their birthday or Christmas! The set included:

  • Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle
  • Imaginext Dragon
  • Imaginext Ogre
  • Imaginext Battering Ram
  • 4 of the Imaginext Castle Figures
But wait...there was more:

  • Rev 'n Go Garage
  • Rev n' Go Hauler
  • 6 Rev n' Go cars
As you can see my kiddos were thrilled with the loot! They played with the toys all the time until the party. We invited over a few of their friends and let them loose. I had a few organized games that I wanted to play with the kids but have you ever tried to play organized games with pre-schoolers that have new toys in front of them!?! HAHA! Good Luck with that. You can see they attacked the toys and stayed in that area for the next 3 hours! 

Of course I couldn't let the kids leave empty handed. Fisher Price and House Party also supplied me with some great party favors to share. There weren't any "toys" for the kids to take home (although I'm sure the DVD and the coloring books will be a hit) so I added a few imagination boosting toy ideas that went along great with the castle theme. Check out the goody bags:

My personal opinion: these toys are going to be a hit for Christmas gifts! All the moms agreed and loved having coupons that they could use towards the purchase of any Fisher-price items. We loved how the toys kept the kids entertained for hours and nothing had to be included. They loved how the toys interacted with each other (like making the dragon roar and then the castle responding with "watch out for the dragon"- don't forget the Scottish accent)! And the cars! I've never seen so many races going on. We had to be careful in the kitchen to make sure we didn't step on a car speeding by! LOL Overall, the castle figures were the biggest hit! The rev n' go were a little harder for the kids to use and they didn't talk so I really think that made a difference. I totally suggest you check out my House Party party page and the actual House Party site. There are lots of great parties going on now that you can apply for! Trust me, you won't regret it! :)

Disclosure: I was chosen as a party host for this House party. I was not paid nor compensated for sharing my personal opinions on the products nor for throwing the party. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Apply to host your own House Party at 

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