Monday, October 8, 2012

The Quest to Eat Healthier: Kashi Chocolate Squares

My kids like to snack. As a matter of fact, I like to snack. I don't really mind snacking as long as we can do it the healthy way, however that is easier said than done. Half the time my kids just don't like healthy snacks and it's hard to get them to eat healthy snacks when they see their friends eating candy and chips. So what's the solution?

Thanks to Moms Meet I had the opportunity to try out one of Kashi's new healthy snacks: the Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares. Now my family was not strangers to Kashi products. We've tried a few in the past with mixed results. Let me explain. My kids eat healthy and fresh snacks like fruits and veggies. They also have the occasional chips and fruit snacks so I think they have been tainted. Usually when they try Kashi products, they have mixed feelings. They love the cereals but I don't always get such positive results for other products. The Chocolate Soft-baked squares are a prime example which I will explain later.

First, a little bit about Kashi's Soft-baked chocolate squares. They have 7 whole grains, minimally processed, free of highly refined sugars, artificial additives, and preservatives. All the things to make a mommy happy. They also boast a rich chocolaty flavor similar to a brownie without the brownie calories. Each square only contains 160 calories! But if they are chocolate tasting what is healthy about that? WELL, Kashi is always full of surprises- each chocolate square includes nutritious and healthy veggies like black beans and sweet potatoes.

My Take: So what did my kids think? Well, first you only get 5 bars in a box. For me that isn't really that cool for only one reason. I have two kids so I tend to look for even number of items in a box. yeah I know, I'm strange. Second, I'm not much of a chocolate or brownie fan so I knew these wouldn't be for me. My son isn't either but I thought I would give it a try. Third, my daughter is the chocolate fiend. She LOVES chocolate. She quickly tore into her little package. I was surprised to see how big they were. For only 160 calories they were very filling and would make perfect snacks. My son didn't care for them at all. Nothing against Kashi. If it was a pure chocolate brownie he would have said the same. My daughter liked them but she said that something wasn't quite right with them. Yep! That's the main complaint for me and I have mixed feelings. My daughter is used to healthy food looking a certain way and treats looking another way. So when you try and fool her by adding healthy food into treats she can pick it out. I think she would rather just eat a sweet potato instead of it being a hidden ingredient. Final verdict: These are great for kids who have issues with veggies. They won't even notice. However, if your child has a palate like mine, don't try to fool them. Just let them know what it is. She still ended up finishing the box!

Will we be buying more? I don't think so. However, there are some great Kashi bars that I'll be getting for the kids!

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