Thursday, October 4, 2012

Support Kalina's courageous fight!

October is the month for awareness on lots of topics. It recently came to my attention that a fellow blogging buddy of mine has a daughter that could really use some help, prayers and positive thinking. Her name is Kalina Clegg and she is a 22 year old who is currently fighting stage IV ovarian cancer. I lost a friend from high school to this terrible disease last year and it just amazes me how it can strike someone so young and healthy. It was a really rough time and I really feel for this family.

 So how can you help? I'll tell you how. Kalina is trying to raise money to help offset the costs of her insurance deductible and travel expenses for a trial she is trying to take part in that is located in Pennsylvania. Now I know if you're like me, you can't donate a lot but I'm sure the family will appreciate anything you can spare. After all, every little bit counts. 

To learn more about Kalina and her courageous fight check out the link to her indiegogo above and make a donation if you can. Also listen to Kalina's personal story in the video below. Thanks for all you can do to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer! :) 

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