Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a Royal Ball Halloween Bash! #DisneyPrincessWMT

I love parties and entertaining! I think it's all my mom and dad's fault. Growing up they always had parties and friends over and I think that is just instilled in me. My husband and I would always entertain before we had kids and now that we do have kids we still's just more on a little people level.

Since the new Cinderella Diamond Edition was just released on Blu-Ray/DVD and it's close to Halloween I'm getting the opportunity to have a Disney Princess Inspired Halloween Party! Honestly, I'm just as excited about this as my daughter is! I kind of went a little crazy with decorations and I haven't even bought the food and games stuff yet! (see below) :)

To get in the mood for our shopping, we downloaded a new and super cool Disney Royal Ball Augmented Reality (AR) app. I'm really into techy games and ideas and AR is the latest interactive craze that not only adults but kids can enjoy. It places you in a 3D world where you can interact with whatever theme, in this case Disney Princess', and experience a whole new world. As a matter of fact, if you take it to your local Walmart there are trigger stations throughout the store to unlock other cool features like new dresses and games. AND it's simple to use. Just follow my instructions:

Head on over to HERE if you have an Apple device or HERE if you have an Android and download the app. There are also signs in Walmart that tell you where to go to download the app like the one pictured below:

Then you let the fun begin. We downloaded the app to my iPad before we went out shopping so we could see the fun. When the app begins you get an invitation to the Royal Ball:

When you open your invitation it's a map to different activities that will prepare you for the ball. The first is the Princess Boutique where you design your own Princess gown. See if you can guess my daughter's favorite Princess:

After your gown is designed you get to create your own carriage to ride to the ball in. My daughter really enjoyed this:

Finally, you head to the ball where you participate in an AR dance which you control by moving your device in the direction on the app. It might make you a little dizzy but it's loads of fun! You can also take a picture of yourself in your completed outfit!

There are also trigger stations in Walmart like the ones pictured below where you can unlock other special surprises (like the magic carriage):

Speaking of Walmart, that's where I went to shop for all the supplies for my Halloween themed Royal Princess Ball Halloween Bash! First my daughter needed a costume. She's really tall for her age so the only costume left in the Halloween section was Cinderella (thank goodness it was the one she wanted):

After a few accessories I think moved on to the Party Supply section and basically went wild getting tons of awesome party decorations and supplies. You can see how crazy I went on my shopping trip in my google + album

We're going to have each girl dress up as a Princess and play games and have a tea party that is based on each Disney Princess movie. I've thought of some really fun games: pin the tiara on the Princess and kiss the right frog along with some fun food like Aerial's jello undersea adventure and poisonous "sour" apples for Snow White. I even found a magical pumpkin (Cinderella) that I want to try out. The picture is below! Our party will be next week so stay tuned to see all the fun we had. Until then you can check out all the #DisneyPrincessWMT fun!

To learn more about Disney Princesses and the new release of the Cinderella Diamond Edition check out these links:

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And you can join in the fun with the Disney Princess Pinterest Party now through October 31!

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