Monday, October 29, 2012

Great Halloween App for kids: The Witch With No Name

I, or should I say my kids, have an iPad. They actually are obsessed with it and play it more than I do. That's fine with me, just as long as I approve of what they are playing or doing. Since I was a former educator I'm really big into downloading educational apps for my kids but they have to meet certain requirements. One, they have to actually teach something. I've seen some apps out there that say they are educational but are too simplistic or too advanced for any kids to really learn. Two, repetition. I love apps that repeat what they are wanting the child to learn. As an educator I know first hand how important it is to continuously repeat and reword the objectives you want your child to learn. Third, and finally, they must be fun!

One of my favorite types of apps to download are interactive e-books. I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest and I have finally found my favorite. It's from SlimCricket books, an e-book developer company. The book is The Witch with No Name and it's perfect for this Halloween season. Here's a little more information about it:

The Witch With No Name tells the story of a witch who lost her name. Through her adventures of searching for her name and trying to discover what happened to her, she receives a parcel which contains the very last “U-See-All” crystal ball. The crystal ball includes four ingredients for a magic potion: the smell of a moldy sock, a giant nose hair, glow-worm juice, and a concerto of bottom burps. Intrigued by the crystal ball, the witch sets off with her faithful friend Batina the bat, in search of these mysterious items.
My Take: This book is great! The kids can choose to read the story themselves or have it read to them.
There are several cues on every page that let them know what to touch to make it move or to help out the characters in the story. Then once the page is read there is a little witch cue in the corner that will blink to cue you to push it and make the page turn.

 My kids loved taking the witch on an adventure where she searches for firefly juice and a chorus of farts...LOL. There are also cute interactive games along the way like piecing together the instructions for the Crystal Ball:

 I don't want to give away the story but your child will get a chance to see what is in the crystal ball and to even "talk" to the characters in the book. Not only do my kids play the book all the time but so do I. I can't wait to see what book comes out next. I think it's a new company in the way of interactive e-books but if they are as good as this one then we will be sure to download the next ones ASAP!

Buy it: Right now you can head on over to the App Store for Apple or Google Play for android and download the lite version of the book. The lite version is the free version and usually isn't the complete book. You can download the complete version for $4.99. However, after previewing the book I'm sure you'll download it for your kids!

Disclosure: I received a code to download the app for free in exchange for sharing with my readers. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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