Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Top Scooby Doo is out today!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a new Scooby-Doo movie. My kids are obsessed with Scooby-Doo (as a matter of fact we're going to McDonald's later this week to get the Happy Meals in the Scooby-Doo pails) and we own almost all of the Scooby-Doo movies. The latest Scooby-Doo movie was just released on DVD today, Oct. 9 and we got to preview it!

Here's a little bit about Big Top Scooby-Doo:

When the Brancusi Circus comes to town, Fred — who has always had dreams about performing under the big top — jumps at the opportunity to visit the show. Upon their arrival, Scooby and the gang learn the circus performers have been terrorized by a werewolf who has not only frightened them but has also stolen jewelry from circus spectators. The circus is blamed for the attacks and faces a potential shutdown. Desperate for help, the circus ringleader turns to Scooby-Doo  and his pals. To get close to the action, they all go undercover as circus performers: Fred becoming a trapeze artist, Daphne a daring motorcycle stunt driver and Velma a human cannonball. Will they be ready to face a frightening team of circus-themed werewolves?
My Take: We received the  Blu-Ray combo pack of Big Top Scooby-Doo. It included the Blu-Ray DVD and a standard DVD. Perfect for our family. This way the kids can watch the movie downstairs with us on the Blu-Ray player and then upstairs on the regular DVD player in their playroom. They included the full feature movie along with 3 bonus episodes, enough to keep the kids entertained for a long time. So what did my kids think? Well, it's Scooby-Doo and it was about the Circus! They are still in their Madagascar 3 phase so they are all about the circus. They also love any movie with singing! I thought they would be scared of the Werewolves but I think that was their favorite part. According to my kids you HAVE to see this movie.

Buy it: The DVD is available in stores starting today October 9th for the price of $24.98SRP for the Blu Ray combo pack and $19.98SRP for the standard DVD.

Disclosure: This item was provided to me at no charge from the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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