Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm helping children to read and you can too! #NickCFK

One thing I am really passionate about is education. Heck, I've been an educator since college! My focus has always been on those who don't always have the same opportunities or access to education as I had. I started as a substitute in a mental institution's grammar school, then I moved on to a preschool teacher at a Rehab Center for families (mostly single moms or dads and their kids). Next I was an in-home therapist for children with mental and physical disabilities and finally I was a school counselor for a Title I elementary school. I know all about reading gaps and how crucial this is to a child's success.

That's why I was thrilled to help out with the latest Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Project. If you don't know much about Champions for Kids then you have to check out their site! They are all about giving back and helping children; after all children are our future. This month they have partnered with Nickelodeon and The Big Help! The goal is to get together with friends, family, neighbors, everyone and collect new and used children's books to donate to kids who don't always have access to their own personal books and it's easy to participate!

My love for reading started when I was young. The one item my mom never said no to buying was books. You should have seen our house! I've carried that tradition on with my kids and even though they aren't able to read yet, they are already going through the motions of turning the pages and "reading" the story. I can't imagine them not having books.

For this reason I took the kids along with me on this shop. We went to our favorite Walmart and looked for Nickelodeon books. My daughter is a big Dora fan so she was thrilled when she knew we were specifically looking for the new Dora the Gymnast book.

I must say the book section in my Walmart is difficult to find. It's usually right near the toys but we searched and came up empty. Then I realized why. It was time to put out all the Christmas decorations!

By the time we found the actual "new" book section I was a little disappointed. Granted, I am a big reader and I know that Walmart's specialty isn't books but I was really hoping for more. There weren't many books to choose from but the kids and I made the best of it. We couldn't find the Dora the Gymnast book (although you can order it online) but we did come across a few other Dora books. If you want to see my complete shopping trip then check out my google + album!

We grabbed some great books and headed home. My goal is to put a box out on my porch (during the day) and send out evites and messages to all my friends to drop off new and gently used books. Currently I have called United Way for a list of some organizations that could use children's books. Now I just have to choose which one or more than one to grace with this wonderful gift!

Finally, if you want to get involved, it's simple. Check out Champions for Kids on Facebook or Twitter for more information on this month's simple service project, collect some books, distribute them to a needy organization and report it on the Champions for Kids website! You can also learn more about Nickelodeon books and TV from their Facebook and twitter pages. Trust me, my children love those pages and the Nick Jr website, but that's another story! :)

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Champions for Kids. #NickCFK #CBias. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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