Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy National Guac Day and support Wholly Heroes!

That's right! Today, Sept. 16 is National Guacamole Day! And if you're like me, you love Guacamole, especially Wholly Guacamole! I've got a few good deals to share with you but first I want to tell you why I love Wholly Guac so much!

One of the main reasons I love Wholly Guacamole is because they support our troops. Many of you know that my husband is in the army and we're a proud military family. My husband was deployed twice in the last two years and it's something that is really difficult for all military families to endure, especially if you have kids. Right now, Wholly Guacamole has teamed up with Brad Meltzer, NY Times bestselling author and creator of Ordinary People Change The World to create these awesome shirts pictured below.

 Starting today, Wholly Guac wants you to Help them send 100 Kids to camp and receive a FREE Wholly Guacamole® coupon! The camp they are speaking of is Operation Purple, a program under the National Military Family Association. The camp is for military children of deployed servicemembers and the organization is non-profit. This is a program that my children will probably take part in within the next few years (they were too young last year). The camp is free for the children and their goal is to "is to empower military children and their families to develop and maintain healthy and connected relationships, in spite of the current military environment". To learn more about Operation Purple, visit HERE

So how can you help? It's simple!

Go to or to purchase a shirt or donate directly to Operation Purple camps!
- The shirts are $10 and the entire $10 amount will go towards our goal.
- Our goal is to sell 5,000 shirts to meet our goal of sending 100 kids to camp.
- Sales are via Pay Pal and shipping is included.
- Both youth and adult size shirts are available.
- Program- Sept 16- Oct 31
Please be sure to check out this program and do what you can to help out. Here's a little extra incentive:
After you visit Wholly Heroes, click on the coupons tab and print out a $1 coupon for a Wholly Guacamole product. Also be sure to check in today's paper's coupon section for a $1.50 off coupon! Now that's what I call celebrating. BTW- We'll be celebrating with tacos and quesadillas tonight in my house, guac on the side! :)
Disclosure: I received this information as part of the Wholly Guacamole Blogger Squad. I also received a free shirt and products in exchange for sharing this information. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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