Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fun Series: PVC Bike Wash!

So we had a busy weekend! So busy I'm just now recovering and getting back to some much needed blogging. Of course I want to share our weekend fun! I'm going to try and put up some great fun activities you can do with your kids. This is the first in the series!

It was super hot this weekend. Up into the 90s! My kids have been wanting to ride their bikes every day but it's really just too hot to have them out in the sun. They seriously went out one day and ran back in 15 minutes later with their heads soaking wet. Helmets are great for protection but they sure get hot!

My husband remembered that I had showed him this cool article in the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine about how to make a PVC trike wash and he wanted to try it out. (Actually he probably just wanted an excuse to go to Lowes). So off he went to get the supplies on Sunday morning. He comes back and gets to work. Of course with the assistance of two little people!

This is what it initially looked like, basically the frame. I was going to take more detailed pictures but it really did take us a little longer than I thought to put it together.

And here's the final results. I'm not sure if you can tell but I'll explain everything. The entrance has water that sprinkles out the side of the PVC tubes, then you go through the washers (mop heads that we soaked and hung). Be careful these do get heavy. We later reinforced the whole bike wash with an additional PVC pipe through the middle. Then you drive through the sponges (also soaked) and finally rinse off in the sprinkler at the end.

We invited the neighbors over to try it out and the kids loved it!! Check them out! Want to build your own? Head on over HERE for the complete directions!

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