Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun Series: Art Projects for the kids

My kids are artists, especially my daughter. She sees art in anything and everything. As a matter of fact my husband caught her gluing money to some construction paper a few weeks ago. It was a dollar bill and some coins! I wish I got a picture before he took it off but he was having a heart attack...LOL

So I decided that I needed to be a little bit more organized with our art. I was running out of glue and paper (including computer paper which I need to print coupons) and we were having too many scraps of "art" to try and keep. Just look at our art bag!

I started browsing other blogs, where I always get my ideas, and found a great blog that is devoted to nothing but printable arts and crafts! It's LearnCreateLove. The creator, Kim, is a mom to a preschooler and decided to create the page to share all the preschool activities she was doing with her daughter. I'm also a big fan of doing activities with my kids, especially over the summer months so we've been trying out a few. Our latest is in honor of National Ice Cream Day.

First, get together your materials. You can print the template HERE.  Most of the materials came from the Dollar Store.
Next, let your kids decorate the template. You can print it on cardstock if you're using paint or just regular printer paper if you are using crayons or colored pencils. Then the kids get to cut out the shapes. I had to assist my son because he is just now learning how to cut. 

I allowed each kid to pick a piece of construction paper and then they were allowed to glue on the shapes. There are usually great little examples on each template that the kids can follow. 
Finally I asked them what flavor they had created. My son said Watermelon and my daughter said Strawberry. I had some great letter stickers and we put them on the side to label our drawings. 

TADA! Quick easy and fun. I think we'll celebrate later with some REAL ice cream!

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