Friday, July 20, 2012

My Daily Facial Routine featuring the #Makari Skin Care Line

I am the most low maintenance girl out there. Makeup- I put it on maybe once a week, perfume- I'm the queen of samples, hair care- that's what the salon is for, and skin care- whatever I can get by with. However, I'm learning that the older I get the more care I have to put into the products I use on my skin and hair. I'm also learning that some of the time, not always, you get what you pay for.

The one thing I've noticed a difference in over the years is my skin. Sure, I had those breakouts when I was a teenager, then my skin actually got better during and a little after pregnancy and now it's just up and down. Sometimes it's oily and sometimes it's dry and sometimes it's even a combo of the two. Currently my daily facial care regimen consists of two products:

That's right. Good ole Clearasil and Olay complete with sunscreen. I like things that are simple and easy to use.

However, I am not above trying something new. So when I got the chance to try out a new skin care line that is specifically for women of color I jumped all over it. It is very difficult to find products that are formulated with women of color in mind. There is more pigmentation in our skin so sometimes the whole "this works for everyone" rule doesn't apply.

Lucky for me I was sent three awesome products from the Makari Skin Care line to try out. Here's a picture of them below:
They are (from left to right) the Makari Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum, the Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap and the Body Beautifying Milk. Personally, I'm not great with skin products so I wanted to be sure I knew exactly the order and how to use each product. Luckily in each box there was a nice little description of each product (not just the one you purchased but the entire line) and how to use it.

So how did it work for me? Well (be prepared) here's a before picture of my's actually right after I cut grass...hehehe. I decided that I would try out the Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap first. I'm not much on bars of soap because I worry about them drying out your skin. This soap did just the opposite. First, it had a pleasant smell and it foamed up perfectly. Second, it went on smoothly and rinsed off without your face feeling dry or sticky. 

Next, I used the Body Beautifying Milk that is recommended for use after the soap. The milk was a little runny and had a definite perfume scent to it which I didn't mind. It didn't take much to apply it and I love the way my face instantly felt not only moisturized but also like it had a protective seal. And the best lasted all day. I didn't have to reapply not once. Here's the after picture so you can compare for yourself. I'm never sure if you can really tell after the first use visually but you sure could feel a difference. It looks like I have a more even skin tone and even a slight glow to my skin. If you want to see all the products and how they work then check out my google + album. 

Finally I used the Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum on my hands. The description for it said that it could be used to treat discoloration and prevent future problems on your hands, knees, neck and face. I'm really rough on my hands with washing them all the time so I tried it out. The serum is a gel that smells great (like the other two products) and seemed to create a protective barrier on my hands. I need to put it through the wash test and see whether you have to re-apply after washing your hands. 

I was highly pleased with all three products and like I said you get what you pay for. These are high quality products so they do sell at a price range higher than most skin care products I personally buy. However, if you consider the quality and how well these products work then you will agree they are totally worth the price! If you would like to try out the Makari products you have two options. You can purchase them in store (however most of the stores where they are sold appear to be up North) or lucky for us, you can also purchase them online on the Makari website.You can also follow Makari on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on their products including the popular skin brightening, fragrance, cosmetic and hair care lines.  

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Makari #CBias #SocialFabric All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

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