Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mirror Mirror Spa Party!

On June 26th the  movie Mirror Mirror was released on DVD and Blu Ray. My daughter is a big fan of Snow White (which the movie is based on) and was dying to see it. Lucky for us we got the opportunity to host a Mirror Mirror Viewing and Spa party! I was sent the Blu Ray version of Mirror Mirror along with some awesome party favors to share with the guests.

So I invited 3 of my daughter's little friends, asked them to dress in their pjs and robes and come over for a relaxing spa and viewing party. I ran to Walmart to get some supplies and treats for the girls in order to prepare for our spa day. I figured that the easiest thing to do would be paint nails (big HIT with the girls) and do face masks (ok maybe not such a great idea). 

We started with the nails. Each girl got to design their nails in any way they wanted. Just check out these creative nails. 

Then I popped some popcorn and let the girls sit down to watch. Now when you have four 4 and 5 year old girls trying to watch a movie it doesn't last very long. Actually it lasted for almost an hour. The girls were really into Snow White and they loved the dwarfs. There was a lot of action to keep them entertained and it must have been funny because they laughed most of the time...LOL. I honestly didn't think they were paying that close of attention until later the next day my daughter was explaining the movie to me! I honestly have to say the only part the moms actually got to enjoy was the Evil Queen's (played by Julia Roberts) spa day! How ironic.

 Of course all the girls loved Snow White in all the pretty clothes she wore. That's actually why they left the movie. They wanted to go upstairs and dress up like Snow White in my daughter's play clothes...LOL. When I finally coaxed them down with ice cream sandwiches and these (ok I couldn't resist! We had a chocolate and strawberry face mask so why not chocolate strawberries to go with it):

We put on the masks and let the girls have their goody bags!

Each bag contained some Mirror Mirror swag and a few lip glosses and fingernail polish that I gave to each girl. As you can see they tore into the bags before I could get the pictures. However, here's some of the Mirror Mirror goodies that was included:

So don't forget: Mirror Mirror is out on DVD and Blu Ray now. Be sure to pick up your copy and maybe even have a spa day viewing party with your daughter. Hey we all need to be pampered!

Disclosure: The DVD and Mirror Mirror promotional items were provided to me at no charge in exchange for hosting the party and sharing the information. All thoughts and opinions posted are my own. 

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