Thursday, June 21, 2012

GazziliWorld: Three great educational apps for preschoolers!

Preschool is out but as a former educator I just can't see my kids spending the summer without some type of educational enrichment. I know first hand how a break can really stunt learning and sometimes even send children in a backwards spin when they return to school! I know my kids are young but I do want them to be prepared for "big kid" school when they start next year (or at least the oldest one does).

Now, preschools don't usually send the kids home with enrichment sheets or resources like elementary schools do, so it's usually up to the parent to find these resources on their own. So I'm here to tell you one quick and easy way to find resources and share one of the latest ones that I had the opportunity to try with my kids.

Do you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod? If so apps are the quickest and easiest way to find educational apps. They are everywhere in the app stores. They range from simple to complex, are for various ages (there are even educational apps for babies) and they can even be FREE!

The latest and greatest educational apps that I tried are actually from GazziliWorld. GazziliWorld is a leading developer of educational applications for preschoolers, focused on creating applications that aren’t just games, but are engaging experiences that make learning fun for kids. 

Currently there are three apps out from GazziliWorld. They are:

GazziliWords: specifically used to help preschoolers learn and understand hard to explain words like bones and balance in a cute and interactive way. For example, the section about balance is all about creating an ice cream cone and then using the device to balance the ice cream by titling it back and forth! Each section begins with a short story explaining the word and then proceeds with a cute little game that brings the word to "life".
Next is GazziliShapes: used to teach children different shapes ranging from simple (circle) to more complex (pentagon). This one has cute little games such as baking cookies with one of the Gazzilikids (Mimi) to help introduce shapes. 
Finally there is Gazzilipuzzles: helping children learn problem-solving by completing puzzles ranging from simple to more complex. After each puzzle is completed it "comes to life" on the screen! 

My Take: Not only do my kids love these apps but I do too. I can tell my kids are learning but I can also see that they are having FUN learning. I've seen other apps with lots of repetition but at the same time are very simplistic and not that engaging. My one complaint about this app is that it doesn't take long to master each little puzzle so it's not long before you have completed them all. However, I think that is just from the adult perspective. My kids have completed all the puzzle ones and continue to go back and do them over and over again. I'm hoping that there will be updates to the apps where more words, puzzles or shapes can be added. 

Not to mention my kids love the characters that you interact with in each little story section. I call them the GazziliWorld kids and I love how diverse they are in race, ethnicity, and culture. It's great exposure for your kids. 

Buy it: All three GazziliWorld apps can be downloaded from the iTunes store. As a matter of fact GazziliWords can be downloaded for free right now! I'm not sure how long this will last so jump on it while you can. And be on the lookout, if you visit GazziliWorld, you will see there are three more apps coming out soon, GazziliScience, GazziliMath and GazziliLetters! I know I can't wait to try them out! Also be sure to follow GazziliWorld on Facebook and twitter to see what's coming soon! 

Disclosure: I received promotional codes to download these apps for free in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

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