Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shout it out!

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As a mommy I'm always seeing those commercials about grass stains and ketchup stains that get on clothes and moms having the worst time getting them out. Well, I thought I was in the clear. My kids are messy but they never had grass stains and I was quick to get out the food stains! UNTIL NOW! They are 3 and 4 and I found the first grass stains ever on my son's jeans the other day! And to make matters worse I didn't find it until that night! If that's what the future holds then I'm scared.

Ok, even though I'm scared, doesn't mean that I'm not prepared. My husband is in the military and you won't believe some of the stains he comes home with! We actually went out to one of those club stores and bought the super size bottle of Shout®. And if you're a mom then I'm sure you know what Shout® Trigger is. If not then let me share.


Shout® Trigger is a liquid stai fighter that you spray on your clothes before washing. It can be used to pretreat clothing or to work out smaller stains before washing. This is a triple acting formula that clings, penetrates and lifts stains away. It is safe for all color-fast washables (which is wonderful if you have a girl who loves pinks and purples) and works in all water temperatures. And the best part, it has a trigger! No pouring directly on stains and hoping you don't spill it all over the floor. Just squirt it where you need it.

Personally, we have been using Shout® for a few years now. You won't believe the time it saves me. I used to take all of the potty training accident clothing and soak it in water and detergent before washing. Now I just rinse it out, spray on some Shout® and throw it into the machine. So far I've had no complaints! It takes less time and it gets back things, like those special blankies, back to the kids in record time! Finally, for all you frugal moms out there that I'm sure are asking this question. Where can I buy it? You find Shout® Trigger at your local Walmart! A place I'm sure everyone frequents, or maybe that's just me! :)

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  1. I use Shout all the time on our clothing. I don't know how my kids can get so many stains.

  2. I should buy stock in Shout! Love that you can buy refill bottles for the triggers... with three kids who are dirt magnets I need it!

  3. My toddler has been staining lots of clothing lately so I need to try this.

  4. i should have stock in Shout, LOL- LOVE it

  5. Love Shout. Only stain remover I use :)

  6. I love Shout and it's all I use on our clothes. Even my daughter's from the time she was born and it has always gotten all the stains out of her clothes!


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