Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Band-Aids for my collection!

If you came to my house with your kiddos and one got injured, you would think you had just visited urgent care. We have multiple "stations" in our house with bandages, ointments, medicines and other first aid supplies. I think it's the product of being the daughter of a nurse and the wife of a soldier. Not only do we have the basic pre-made kits:
but also high grade military kits that include blood spills kits and massive trauma supplies (yes my husband wants us to be prepared)! Wanna see if you know the ins and outs proper wound care? Then check out this quiz!

So when it comes to a small boo-boo in my house, we sometimes tend to go overboard. My kids aren't really that big of drama kings and queens, although my son's allergies have been bad and his nose was bothering him, so he said, "I need a band-aid for my nose" all day yesterday. Granted, a band-aid might have soaked up all that snot but I think he might have had some trouble breathing! He hit his head last night, there was no blood, but he couldn't go to sleep without looking like this:

My daughter on the other hand, had a run in with a razor, on Mother's Day. Yep! Not quite what I was expecting. We happened to be out of town and there was lots of blood and lots of crying. Applying pressure and giving kisses wasn't doing it. My husband just ran to the car, pulled out our first aid kit (yes we have one in the car) and we bandaged her all up. (The whole "cast" wasn't necessary but it stopped the crying and made her feel like a big girl).
Now a "cast" isn't going to work everyday for a 4 year old. I headed to Walmart to try out the new Band-Aids with Quiltvent technology. I'd never heard of them before which is strange for someone who has a big Band-Aid collection at home. These bandages have a padding that allows air to circulate (no more fingers looking like prunes) and it also wick away the blood to keep the wound clean! I was surprised at all the different options Walmart had! I decided to go the safe route and just get the assorted pack.

We came home, opened the package, and the first thing my daughter said was, "Where's the princess, these have no color" (you've seen my bandaid collection, right?)

However, she did love the quilted pad. She said it looked like a pillow for the boo-boo to sleep on. It would make the boo-boo feel better. :)
 The Bandages passed the kid test and the mom test. Check out my complete shop in my Google + album.  Our only complaint would be, Band-Aid has obviously licensed other characters so add the Quiltvent technology to those bandages or at least get some colored ones. Color and princesses and Marvel heroes stop tears and pain. All moms know that!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All thoughts and ideas are my own.


  1. Oh my! You do need non-character band-aids for adults though! I had one of my in-laws need a band-aid on a visit and all I had was Sponge Bob! LOL!

  2. I love Band-Aids. I have their emergency kit in my car, my stroller, my jogger and in both bathrooms ;)

  3. The characters sure do make the pain go away! :)

  4. so cute! my son often requests a band-aid too, even when there's no blood. I hope your kiddos feel better :)

  5. Where are your Hello Kitty Band Aids? :) Those are my favorites.


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