Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Movie Night: We bought a zoo! #ilovemyK9

Each week my family does a movie night. Normally, it's a cartoon and we go all out! We put on our pjs, fix fun snacks, grab our blankets, turn off the lights and sit on the living room floor for our feature film. It wasn't until recently that I noticed something was missing. We haven't been including one member of our family! We've been leaving out our "first baby", Dusty.

So this family movie night included the whole family! And what better movie to watch than "We Bought A Zoo". It's all about a grieving family that buys a zoo and how the animals and people that work at the zoo become a part of their own family.

Now how do you plan the perfect family movie night? First, you need treats! I know the normal is popcorn but we wanted something a little more fun and zoo themed! I headed to Walmart to pick up the perfect supplies: Del Monte fruit cups (if you get First for Women magazine then you'll find a $.50 off coupon for Del Monte fruit cups), sponge cake, whip cream and animal crackers. I used these ingredients to make a fun little "Who let the zoo animals out" treat. It was a big hit with the kids! By the way, if you want to see my entire "zoo" shopping experience check out my google + album!

Then I had to get something for our newest movie night friend, Dusty. Off I headed to the pet aisles. Unfortunately it was inventory time and the treats were a mess! I asked around the $4 off We Bought A Zoo coupons that should be on Del Monte Pet products! Yes, I know what you are thinking! Del Monte makes pet products! I didn't even know that! But they do make some of our favorites such as Meow Mix, Kibbles and Bits and Milkbone! Del Monte Pet products are even being featured in Women's World and Parade magazines! While I didn't find the coupon, I did pick up some milkbones and some Milo's Kitchen treats for my pup.

 Finally off to get the movie. There was a great display that made it super easy to find. I wish I had the kids with me. They would have loved seeing the animals holding the prices (at least I thought it was pretty cool)!

What did we think of the movie? Well it was a little slow for the attention span of a 3 year old and 4 year old. My 4 year old did start to get into it when the animals started making more of an appearance and my tool obsessed 3 year old even tried to join in with the Zoo inspector by pulling out his measuring tape and measuring stuff in the house! I'm not really into dramas but my husband and I really liked the movie. The themes were a little deep for kids but it was such a heart warming/feel good story! The only part I didn't like was the snakes; but then again I have a phobia of snakes...LOL

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  1. So glad you were able to include the whole family in movie night this week - love the scooby doo pjs too!

  2. Cute snacks! Love the animal crackers on top. My kids would love that as an idea.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie! I loved it.

  3. I love what you made for dessert, that is too cute and fits the theme perfectly! Looks like your whole family had a great time, including the pooch! :)

  4. Great snack idea and the movie sounded interesting.

  5. Your dog would fit right in with ours! They're all matchy matchy :)

  6. Ahhh...your puppy is so cute! Looks like a fun night. :)

    Ginger @

  7. That looks like a fun movie. Dusty seems happy with his treats too!

  8. I can't wait to see that movie.

    What a sweet puppy! And a little cutie in his pjs!

  9. Love the movie and looks like you all had fun. Love the snacks. I wish I was there eating some of the snacks :)
    Thanks for sharing. Love Family Movie Nights- They are the best time to spend with the family.

  10. Love the animal crackers. Even though the itty bitties didn't get into it, I know you created a memorable moment for them. So sweet!


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