Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's easy to use coupons for good: Donating baby goodies with #allyoucfk

I've had the great pleasure of participating in some awesome SIMPLE Service Projects with Champions for Kids. You can see my past experiences with the DisneyCFK SIMPLE service project and the AbbottCFK SIMPLE service projects.

This month I had the great pleasure of combining two things I love in order to give back to those in needs. The March SIMPLE service project (#AllYouCFK) with CFK (Champions for Kids) was taking the All You magazine and using coupons and inspiration from the articles to create a basket of goodies to give to a needy organization. I love All You magazine, coupons and shopping. Combine that with buying baby items (something I no longer get to do) and you have a hit! I found some great coupons in All You and online and headed to Walmart to pick up some great items. You can check out my entire shopping experience in my Google + album. Then I used those items, along with a basket I purchased from Michaels to put together a "baby basket" for a local organization.

The organization I chose was Agape Pregnancy Support Services in my local hometown. Their mission is "To help pregnant women choose life for their unborn children, and to provide a stable support system where needed. Love is the first thing we hand out. From there we meet the needs of the mother's as they are presented". It was started by one woman, Helen Rogers, who adores children and wanted to reach out and support pregnant women in any way she could. The amazing thing about this organization is it is run completely by volunteers and relies completely on donations to survive. That made it a no brainer for a perfect CFK choice.

 So I packed up my basket and headed to the center yesterday. Unfortunately, due to funds, the center is only open on Mondays and Fridays from 5-8pm. I hurried across town in 5 o'clock traffic anxious to make my donation. When I got there, the center was packed! There had just been a big consignment sale over the weekend somewhere in town and all the remaining baby items had been donated to the center. They were in the process of separating them all and as you can see it didn't look like an easy task.

I met the awesome director, Helen, who was carrying around a 4 day old baby. He was so adorable! I didn't want to take any pictures because he was sleeping and to honor the family's privacy. Helen was so welcoming and excited by my small donation. She said it would be perfect for the layettes they make for the new moms. I explained about Champions for Kids and what I was doing, along with leaving a pamphlet that explained the program. Helen agreed to look more into it.  I took a few quick pics and then hurried off to allow them to finish all the sorting they had to do.

I left feeling great! It really does make you feel like a million bucks when you help out others and you see first hand how grateful they are. You can join in too. Just head on over to the CFK twitter or facebook pages where you can learn more about SIMPLE service projects and how you can become involved!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #Cbias. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love where you chose to donate your items - I also did a baby bag because I think there are so many things a new mom needs, especially if their financial situation is hard, it's even harder to have to go out and get all that new baby gear!

  2. I know the new moms will appreciate all those little essentials you put together for you donation! Great idea!!

  3. How fun to get to buy stuff you wish you could!


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