Friday, March 30, 2012

Imperial Toys: Summer fun edition

My kids love playing outdoors. They would play outdoors every day if you would let them. Heck they would just stay outdoors all day and night long if they weren't afraid of being outside after dark! So where does that leave this mom? Always on the lookout for something fun and unique to do outside. You might ask, "what's so hard about that?" Well, I'll tell you what! I want to make sure it's something age appropriate and fun for me too since I have to participate with them LOL!

That's where companies like Imperial Toys come in! They are the world's leader in sales and manufacturing of bubbles and novelty toys. You might recognize some of their leading brands because they include Hello Kitty, Batman, Nickelodeon and Thomas the train to name a few! They combine two of my kids favorite things (water and balloons) into several different outdoor activities.

I had the pleasure of trying out two different balloon toys and two different water balloon tools, as I like to call them. Let's start with the bubbles.

 The first bubble toy was the Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine. It's a toy that blows the bubbles for you! Now is this for the kids are the parents? LOL Every mom in the neighborhood was envious. Most of us have little kids who are just learning to blow bubbles so many moms are out there blowing away. With this toy I just pushed a button and the bubbles abounded. Look at all the fun they had.

Now the second toy was Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion Hi-Beam Sabre. This cool Star Wars type toy was great. It came with a glow in the dark mixing solution. Now to be perfectly honest, this wasn't as cool as it looked. Now that's from a parent's viewpoint. I mixed the solution and it glowed in the bottle. I took it outside, when it was really dark, and blew bubbles. No glowing. However, the kids loved it. The wand lit up and the bubbles were a great size. So all I can say is, "if it's a hit with my kids then it's a sure hit with me"!

On to the Water toys. These were my husband's favorite. Imperial sent me water balloons! Woo-hoo! We had the Kaos Cyclops and the Kaos Tie Not filler with 50 water balloons. The Tie Not was awesome. I'm the worst at tying knots in water balloons and this little tool really helped! As for the Cyclops. My kids and Husband loved it. They went around launching balloons at guess who?!? ME!

 So if you're in the mood to look for some really awesome and fun summer toys I suggest you check out Imperial Toys and their Facebook page. There is a little bit of something for any kid. Trust me, any kid ages 0-100! LOL

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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