Monday, March 26, 2012

Gabby's Stick To it Day Review

My daughter is a big fan of the Gabby God's Little Angel books. We have the original Gabby, God's Little Angel and I read it to her all the time. The latest Gabby book just came out March 6 and is all about perseverance. I'm so excited to be a part of the blog tour!  Read on to learn more about it!

Gabby is a little guardian angel with a big job to do! Watching over Sophie is hard work, but Gabby knows that God wants her to stick to it.
Gabby, God’s Little Angel, flies to the rescue as Sophie attempts to help others but has a little trouble sticking with things. Sophie tries to be helpful by washing the family dog for her mom, but she gives up when she’s the one who ends up all wet. She then tries to be kind by reading to her little brother, but he has plans of his own, which include a splash of cereal right in Sophie’s face! When Sophie is ready to quit once again, it’s up to Gabby to encourage her to keep trying and to teach her what the Bible says about perseverance: “We must not become tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NCV)
 My Take: I think this was my daughter's favorite Gabby book so far! It's just so super cute. Never Giving Up is a theme I've been working on with her and it hasn't been an easy one. If she can't get it done the first time then she tends to give up or ask for help. I'm trying to let her know it's okay to get frustrated, we all do, but keep trying and you will get it. This book made it so much easier to explain than "mommy" does....LOL. My daughter thought it was funny when the Dad got paint on his head or when the little brother threw food at Sophie. Her brother has done things to her like that too! She saw how Sophie learned to never give up and how it paid off in the long run.

I personally love how the book is based on a bible verse. We've told my daughter that she has guardian angels and they help her do what is right. This book teaches a bible lesson using words and stories that even a 3 year old can understand! It's also a quick read, perfect for bedtime. I would recommend it to any parent, with a boy or girl (there are even little boy angels in the story) that wants to teach the importance of "try, try, again" or "never give up".

Buy it: This book is available now for the SRP of $14.99. You can purchase it at local or online bookstores or amazon. I've seen it priced as low as $10.79. It's also available for the Nook and Kindle!

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