Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Spring Cleaning means in our house!

It looks like spring is coming early to NC. The past few weeks we have had temps up into the 70s and the kids are loving it. Not only are the kids loving it but so am I. I'm not much of a winter/snowy gal anyways! So what have we decided to do with all this warm weather? Well, the options are endless!!

One thing we have started is spring cleaning! Normally I HATE cleaning but spring cleaning is different. I take it as a chance to spruce up my house and do some much needed organizing. Our house is brand new, only a year old and we've been dying to make it look like a home. My husband has been deployed longer than we have lived in the house and I just didn't feel right doing a lot of painting or decorating without his input, or more importantly, his expertise and help...LOL.

Now that he is back the home improvements have begun. First he started with finishing our dry wall in the garage. The builders only did half the garage. Can you say "CHEAP"!?! He began with putting in insulation, putting up drywall, mudding and now the only thing left is sanding and painting. (Then we get to get the shelving units I want so I can start my organizing...woo-hoo!) Here's pictures of what we have done so far:

Next we moved on upstairs to the kids' bathroom. They want an underwater adventure for the theme. A long time ago on one of our many trips to Lowes we purchased a can of what I like to call "oops" paint for really cheap. Lo and behold it's the perfect color. So yesterday and last night we prepped and painted the bathroom. Here's some of our progress:


  1. Oops paint is the best! We have a bit of spring cleaning to do here too. We didn't get many things done after last September's deluge of 21" on us. My back porch is still crowded with things that need to go to back to the shed and the shed has a few things that need to hit the dumpster.

  2. I love all the house remodeling stuff. I remember pictures from when you bought your house. It's gorgeous!


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