Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treasure Buddies Review!

Gotta love dogs that can talk! The other night my kiddos and I watched the latest Buddies adventure: Treasure Buddies. This movie just came out on DVD this past Tuesday, January 31 (my son's birthday) so he was super excited to see it. Here's a little bit about the movie:

 The 6th film in the Buddies franchise stars everyone’s favorite talking canine superstars Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud, as the pup pack journeys to mysterious Egypt in search of the greatest treasure known to animalkind, the legendary Cat’s Eye jewel, from the lost treasure of Cleocatra! Danger lurks around every secret sphinx, cryptic crypt and puzzling pyramid as Ubasti, a devious cat, schemes to possess the mystical jewel and use its powerful energy to rid the planet of all dogs! With help from new lovable friends Cammy, a baby camel - and a mischievous monkey named Babi - the gang and their new friends avoid booby traps, solve puzzles and explore a mysterious tomb in their most exciting and challenging adventure yet.

My Take: So we watched this movie as a Family Fun Night activity. We don't use the Blu Ray player much so I decided to watch the Blu Ray copy. Wow! It's like you are really there! It's so clear and with scenes like the desert and pyramids it really makes a difference! As for the actual stroy line, my 3 year old could only make it through parts of the movie. He's still not really into live action movies. My 4 year old loved it! She and I were laughing at the monkey and then screaming when we saw snakes. Yes, I hate snakes and so does she! The movie was so cute and full of action and each Buddy has such a cute personality. She loves Rosebud and I'm a big fan of B-Dawg! Love his bling! It's definitely a great movie. But don't take my word for it. Check out the clip below. 

Buy it: This DVD is now available in stores for  $39.99 U.S./$46.99 Canada for the 2 Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack or $29.99 U.S /$35.99 Canada for the standard definition DVD. And of course I couldn't leave you without a coupon. Click HERE for a $5 off coupon on the Blu Ray or DVD combo packs. 

Download Printable Activities!
And to make movie night even more fun here's some cute activities to share with your family. Just click on the image to download!

Disclosure: This DVD was provided to me at no charge by the company in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.

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