Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need Glasses? Then I've got a deal for ya!

Glasses is one thing that I never thought I would have to wear, until now! I've started noticing that my eyesight is starting to leave me. Things that are far away are starting to get blurry. So what's next on my list? An eye exam! Am I scared to get my eyes checked? Nope. Am I scared about buying glasses? YES! For two reasons: 1- I'm not sure there are any glasses that would look good on me and 2- after talking to friends who wear glasses, I don't want to pay that much money!!

So then I found Zenni Optical. They can meet both my needs. First, they have a virtual system where you can try different eye glasses on a photo you upload or one that is already provided. Two, they are always running great deals. Right now you can buy two pairs and get one pair (equal or lesser value) free! It's simple, just check out the site, find the prescription eyeglasses that look best on you, add all three to your cart and the price of one will automatically be deducted!

Not only are you getting a great deal on glasses but you are getting some high quality glasses! Zenni Optical glasses offer Free anti scratch coating, Free full UV protection, free thin and light 1.57 index single vision lens and free microfiber cleaning cloth. Just pair that with the already great low prices and what more could you want? I sure know that after this eye exam I learn that I need some prescription eye wear, Zenni Optical will be one of the first on my list!

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