Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Angels Screening Party!

Remember how I was going to have the Little Angels Screening party at my house? Well, we had it! It was a blast. 6 little munchkins (including my own) showed up to don their wings, watch one of the movies and have some fun eating some really unique snacks (peanut butter and jelly popcorn) and playing games. It was no stop fun and then IT happened.

By IT I'm referring to my computer. I uploaded all my pictures and then erased them from my camera. SOP (standard operating procedure) for me. My husband asks to borrow the computer, his died in Afghanistan, and then comes back an hour later and tells me it's dead. Now I'm figuring that it just needs to be charged so I hook it up and wait a few hours. But alas, the computer still won't start. So all my hard work and pictures disappeared. Needless to say I'm going to try and recount our awesome party with the limited pictures I've taken in the past few days. I'm sure it won't do justice to the party but until I can get the information extracted from my old computer then it will have to suffice. :(

Our party started with each guest coming in, getting their wings and halo and taking a picture (which I was going to later print out and give to the parents). I had some eager little girls that were quick to put on the wings but some hesitant little boys. I thought it was hilarious! I did get a few to try them on though. Then we put the movie. Little Angels ABC's in and the kids ran to sit around the TV and watch it. I gave everyone a bowl of the popcorn, some juice and a heart shaped Valentine cake to munch on during the movie. The movie was a hit. The kids loved it, especially the music. All kids in attendance were ages 2-4 so all were in the process of learning their ABC's. They loved pointing out the letters they knew and trying to sing along. The parents also loved the movie and couldn't wait to hear where they could get their hands on it! Some of us were Touched by an Angel fans so we knew all about Roma Downey!

Now I must say, it was a room of preschoolers so attention span didn't make it through the movie. They quickly ran and got their coloring/activity packets and started working on them. My daughter lead the crew on that one. She loves anything that involves coloring or creativity.

At the end of the party, we played a short little game about ABC's and a few parents got to walk away with a copy of one of the 3 DVDs! I don't know who was more excited, the parents or the kids...LOL. I then handed out the photo card activity, we couldn't get the kids to sit down and even put it together after all the excitement and sent 4 tired kids home!

Since then I have had nothing but positive feedback. My own personal kids took the wall decals and put them  up all over our house telling everyone that the angels were watching. They have also watched all three movies. My son loves the animals and of course my daughter loves the ABC's. Parents have been thrilled. Here's a quote from one of the parents who won a DVD, "Thanks so much for having me and [my daughter] over today :) She is running around the house with her angel wings on lol and she has already watched her DVD twice." It's the same in my house! I just hope I can get access to the photos so I can share them with you all!!

Buy it: All three DVDs, Little Angels ABC's, 123's and Animals hit the stores on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2012. They are out everywhere. I just saw a great display at our local Walmart yesterday. Of course I didn't have my camera with me!! It even included the great Little Angel's book series! I'm already planning on picking up some of the books for the kids!

Disclosure: The DVD and party pack was provided to me at no charge in order to facilitate this review and screening party. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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