Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coupon of the Day- Alleve!

$2.00 off On Any Aleve 80ct or larger

Saw this coupon and knew it had to be the coupon of the day in my house! I just ran out of Alleve and it's my pain reliever of choice. Right now at Rite Aid they are running two cool deals.

One- BOGO half off on Bayer Healthcare Products and Alleve is one of the products. I'm not sure of the price but $2 off is a high value coupon! (don't forget you can print this twice and possible get $4 off depending on your store) If you can't use two coupons then you can combine this with a Rite Aid Video Values coupon for $1 off Alleve!

They are also running a deal where you buy $30 in select Bayer Healthcare products and get $10 UP rewards for your next purchase. (one a day vitamins are in this list so it wouldn't be hard for me to buy $30 worth of items. Other items included: Bayer aspirin, Midol, Alka-Seltzer plus cold relief, campho-phenique, neo-synephrine, alka-seltzer stomach relief, phillips stomach relief or Citracel.

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