Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrity Bloggers: Anyone can be one!

Last night I was indulging in one of my favorite pastimes- watching reality television, when something caught my eye. Let me set up the scene for you.

First, I must admit that I'm addicted to reality TV. I would have written this post last night but unlike other bloggers I don't have the skills to write and watch TV at the same time. The reason being, I have to devote all my attention to what these crazy chics are doing on TV! Last night, and this leads into my second point, I just happened to be watching the season premiere of Basketball Wives Miami. Am I into athletes and the women who love them? Heck no! I actually happen to personally know one of the ladies who stars in the show and I wanted to watch first hand to see how "REAL" reality TV actually is. On a side note, I know she doesn't read my blog but I was very happy that in the first episode she did portray herself as a normal human being. Kudos on that my dear!

Anyways on to my point. Two of the main characters, Evelyn and Jennifer, had a major argument/battle that ended their friendship last season. In this season opener they were discussing how this war started. Of course it was a lot of he said/she said but what really caught my attention was why Evelyn was so upset. Sure I understand WHY she was upset. Jen had said something negative about her fiancee in her blog. Yes, that's right! HER BLOG! Now I know lots of celebs have blogs. Heck we all have blogs so I have no problem with that. Do I read them? Not really. (Although I have been known to jump on and see what a real housewife had to say...hehehe)

OK I'm getting off topic (reality TV does that to you). Jen responded to Evelyn's allegations by saying that she didn't even write that particular post. She had no idea what it said. Her publicist wrote it! WHAT?!? Her publicist wrote it?! Now let's just take a step back. I can't imagine anyone writing for me on my blog. Sure, I do giveaways and reviews and coupons BUT sometimes I write real articles, about my REAL family and my REAL thoughts (i.e. this post) so why in the hello operator would I let someone else write it!? And on top of that, why would I not preview it or approve it before it went live! Nothing is more important to me than my family and my friends and I would never use my blog to slander them in any way nor would I allow someone else to do it for me! And your publicist? I bet they know about as much about you as I do! HA! Now that's the job I need, although I don't know what publicist has time to write a blog!

Now what does this mean? Honestly, it was just me ranting and raving about how little blogging can mean to some people. I don't even really get paid to blog so I sometimes wonder if I was getting paid would I care what it said or who wrote it? Are these "writers" getting a percentage of the celebs pay for all the clicks and views they get? Do these people not understand that blogging is essentially journalism, writing a story, HECK even writing in your journal? It's not just a pay check for some of us. However, if any of these celebs (HINT to any basketball wives out there) need someone to write a blog post for them, drop me a line! ;)

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  1. I thought the same thing! (and I was proud of our hometown girl, too). --Holly


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