Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black History Month Activity- Traffic Light

For today I wanted to find a different activity. We've been doing a lot of food stuff on my blog and my kids love to help. I found this great activity (posted below) on about making your own traffic light. Well there wasn't much history about the traffic light inventor there so I decided to do some research.

I wanted something simple that the kids could understand. I found a coloring sheet that helps to explain what would have happened if Garret A. Morgan hadn't invented the traffic light. You can print it HERE.

Then here's the activity (copied from site)

traffic light  Making A Traffic Light
Enhance your African American History curriculum with this preschool activity by Patricia N. which celebrates the invention of the traffic light by making traffic lights that are edible. 
Materials: Graham crackers, peanut butter, and red, yellow, and green M&Ms.
Description: After we discuss the invention of the traffic light, we make a traffic light out of one half of a Graham cracker. Spread on peanut butter and place the M&M's in the correct color pattern. 

And this fun game:

Game:  Red Light, Green Light
During this early childhood game pre-k children recognize colors and gain experience starting and stopping an action on signal. Preschool children will march around the room as the teacher holds up a green circle (light).  When the red circle (light) is held up this is the signal for all marching to stop - immediately.  Youngsters who do not stop are out of the game.
As young children learn to start and stop marching on signal, children can hold up the circles adding a yellow circle for "slow". Then add the words "Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3.

I'm going to do both activities with my kids and hopefully post pictures later!  

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