Saturday, January 7, 2012

#Tangled Ever After Clip

ok I know everyone is going to hate me when I say this but I am NOT a Beauty and the Beast fan. I just didn't like the movie. AND it didn't help that I went to Disney World that year and it was everywhere! Yes, everywhere! You couldn't go to the bathroom without hearing, "Be my guest"! In the bathroom, seriously? I don't want a guest. I want privacy...LOL

However, the only way to see the new movie short Tangled Ever After is by going to see the new 3D release of Beauty and the Beast in theaters on January 13. Yikes! Isn't that Friday the 13th? LOL If you're like me, you still love anything and everything you can find about Tangled so guess what? I have a clip from Tangled Ever After to share with you! ENJOY!! (and let me know if you go to the theater to see it...I mean Beauty and the Beast...hehehe)

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