Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personal Goal #3: Spending more time with my #family

Last year my husband was deployed and I became a little overwhelmed with blogging and somehow my family got lost somewhere in the mix. This year my goal is to be more personal with my blogging and to spend more quality time with my family.

We love to do movie night but last year it turned into movie night only when I had a movie that I needed to review or promote. Tonight my kids wanted popcorn so I just turned on the TV found what kid friendly movie was coming on, threw some popcorn in the microwave and sat down with them under our big blanket.

The movie was one I had never seen before. Surf's up! It was super cute and the kids loved it. It's an animated movie about surfing penguins. It's really laid back and has some great songs along with some super funny penguins and a quirky chicken! Perfect for any age kid. We turned off all the lights and watched it on the big screen like we were in the theater. We all got really into it! However, I must say my favorite part of the whole experience was snuggling up with my kids, being absolutely quiet and my son leaning over and saying, "mommy, I love you big much"! I couldn't help but smile. Then the next thing I know, he's asleep on my lap. Wow! We're going to have to do this again! Like my daughter said, " When daddy comes home, we do this again with more popcorn"?

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  1. Redbox would have been a perfect choice for family movie night! Looking forward to your game night review with Redbox! Happy New Year greetings from Smiley360 :]


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