Monday, January 2, 2012

Personal Goal #1: To cook more

If you know me, then you know I hate to cook. This year I'm turning over a new leaf. I want to cook more. I blame Rachael Ray's Everyday magazine. My grandmother gifted me a subscription to it and I keep finding all these great and easy recipes that I would love to try. My problem? Buying ingredients and finding time to cook. I'm not very creative so it has to be by a recipe and it has to be easy or I lose interest.

Tonight, yes just a few hours ago, I decided now is the time to get cooking. What did I do first? Well, I like to bake. Do I like to bake from scratch? NOPE! Never have time for that! So what did I do? I had a box of red velvet cake mix, some cream cheese icing (oh how I love cream cheese icing) and starburst jellybeans. The perfect ingredients for Red Velvet cupcakes! And it only took me about an hour to make the whole thing! Yes, I followed the box directions,even though I was contemplating substituting the water with Clear American...I just didn't have the wild cherry or black cherry flavors or I would have. I also contemplated putting something in the center of each cupcake but I couldn't think of anything creative. So I whipped them up and they came out of the over looking like this:

They were so yummy looking and I couldn't wait to put on some icing. I wanted to do some fancy icing, maybe scalloped edges or flowers but then I remembered that I had extra creamy icing and it just doesn't hold as well. (I really need to buy some butter cream or make my own for decorating). So instead, after I threw on the icing I took out my starburst jellybeans and made some cute decorations on each cupcake...well until I ran out of candy...LOL. It was fun and the kids loved it. Now I can't wait to try them out!

What's next on my cooking list for this week? Well, my friend Katie just made this yummy Hash Brown casserole created by the Duggar family. I want to try it out and revamp it a little bit. I'll let you know how it turns out! It just won't be for 20 people like the Duggars...LOL

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  1. i definitely need to work on cooking more this year too!!


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