Thursday, January 12, 2012

#housekeeping? So that's what a #SAHM does!

So I never planned to be a SAHM (stay at home mom for those who don't know) but it happened. In the beginning I had no idea what a SAHM did. I mean I figured I would take care of the kids and sit around and be bored, right? Or get to catch up on all the TV that I missed while I was a working mom! I could actually watch Soap Operas, Young and the Restless here I come!

Yeah, and then reality set in. Being a SAHM, while awesome, also comes with some of my most dreaded fears! And at the top of that list is: HOUSEKEEPING! Sure, I know what you working moms are saying, "we have to do housekeeping too! What's your point?" Well, here's my point. When I was a working mom, I knew I needed to keep the house clean but it wasn't so bad. I mean, think about it, at least 8 hours of the day no one was at home to get it dirty and I wasn't at home to look at the dirt all day. So either I would clean on the weekends, no biggie, or just pretend I didn't see the mess. After all, it wasn't that big of a mess and I wasn't at home long enough to really be bothered with it.

Being a SAHM is totally different. My kids are still young so they are home a majority of the time; meaning they make a mess a majority of the time. It also doesn't help that I am potty training my youngest so I can't wait until I get the water bill. I wash clothes almost every other day, but he is getting there! Yet, here's the problem. I can honestly say, I HATE IT! I hate cleaning. I don't like looking at a mess but every time I clean it up, it seems they mess it right back up again! Any other moms been there? And then there's the cooking which then leads to doing the dishes....YUCK! And the washing, vacuuming, toilet cleaning, the list goes on and on! Does it ever end???

Here's my rational thinking. The kids will be in elementary school within the next 3 years. I can go back to working (which I was planning on anyways) and the mess will disappear. Sure, it might still be around but it won't be my full time job anymore. You won't find me climbing out of a pile of laundry or washing the dishes in my PJs! I will be redeemed and freed from chores. And speaking of chores....isn't that what housekeeping really is? Chores for adults?!? I thought we only had to do those as kids!! The dryer just beeped at me. Off to get that laundry (see I told you it never ends) :)


  1. Oh yeah! Having the kids home over the summer just made our house look like a wreck. Do train those kidlets to do some easy chores and stick to the one toy at a time rule as much as possible. I get cranky when the kids clutter up my space. I like to walk without tripping!

  2. Great article, but I can't relate. I was looking forward to having a clean house when I became a SAHM! :) I worked so late that our house often went uncleaned for days. Now with my 10 month old, I can't load a dish without him getting into something.


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