Sunday, January 29, 2012


Isn't it amazing what you dream when something big is getting ready to happen. Next week we're getting a big surprise that we have been waiting for. I've been running around and trying to get everything prepared but I also haven't been getting lots of sleep. So time is getting closer and last night I went to bed earlier than normal just knowing that I would spend half the night thinking about everything else that I needed to get done.

Instead I had some super crazy dreams! If dreams are supposed to mean something, then I really need someone to translate these for me.

The first one was about me going into Wendy's to order some food. Of course the cashier kept messing it up and charging me wrong. Well, then some girl (looking like someone ripped straight from the "what you see at Walmart" pictures) comes up and starts getting an attitude with me. I ignore her and then go back to my task at hand, which apparently now was getting some money or something from my brother (who works in a bank, not Wendy's!). So he gives me the money and stuff and I go outside. The girl who was getting an attitude was in front of me when I went out and I made some remark to my brother about her fried looking hair. Mind you, she was already giving me crazy looks. So she proceeds to drop her purse, take off her heels and earrings and act like she was ready to fight. Needless to say, I get into a big fight with this girl. Physical fight! And then I wake up!

The other dream was about some crazy, psychotic knife wielding guy chasing me around some college building. I don't even want to tell the details on that one. It was basically me hiding from him and having no idea why he was after me.

Now, our surprise is a good surprise so why would I be having scary-me-being-violent dreams?? I just don't understand! Where was the happy-skipping-through-a-meadow-of flowers dream?? And what is this supposed to tell me??

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  1. I have the weirdest dreams sometimes...
    Like the other night when I dreamed that Clay Aiken died in a tragic accident. (I think I must have fallen asleep to an Apprentice commercial...)


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