Thursday, December 15, 2011

#GogreenNgiggle with The Gigglin' Garden Gang! #cbias

OK to be honest with you going green is something that my family has slowly been working on since the birth of my first child 3, almost 4 years ago. I started with switching all our cleaning supplies to natural supplies just because I was worried about the effects of the chemicals on my pregnancy and then my newborn child. Later, we moved to recylcing. We recycle almost everything! Unfortunately, they only come to pick it up once a week and I usually have one of the biggest piles in the neighborhood. We've also tried our hand at planting. First it was an herb garden. I planted one with the help of the kids. It was doing great until we went to visit family for a week. :( And then earlier this year, thanks to Lowes, we planted two free fir trees. Unfortunately, the tornado that went through took care of them. :(

BUT I'm not giving up! Our latest project is The Gigglin' Garden Gang! And the difference here?!? It's a project that is geared specifically towards kids like mine! The Gigglin' Garden Gang is all about teaching kids how to go green the fun way! It's all about sustainability with food and plants and how easy that is with the help of some super cute cartoon characters.

My kids and I received the super cute, what I like to call, beginner kit, Suzi Sunflower in the mail. It's pictured above. It included a cute little eco-friendly tote, the indoor/outdoor sunflower starter kit, the Go Green and Giggle book and a sing-a-long CD! (PS- all of this can be ordered from the website for a super awesome price but we'll get to that later).

To make a long story short (yeah, like I can ever do that) we started with reading the book. Now I have to admit, it was full of jokes that my kids didn't get (they are only 2 and 3) but I was giggling! They were more interested in the pictures and the cool characters like Randy Radish who has a crush on sunflower Suzi and the ultra sophisticated Her Majesty Maizee. Love it! At the end of the book there are seeds all ready for you to plant in the included planter. Now this is where I had problems! hehehe. I'm terrible with planting things but I don't want my kids to be the same way. I couldn't figure out how to plant the seeds! DUH! So what did I do?

I headed right on over to The Gigglin' Garden website! The site is great! First, you have to listen to the awesome song that plays in the background (also on the CD), then you can watch a video about the GGG (Gigglin' Garden Gang) and there were pictures, yes pictures, on how to plant your garden! Perfect! Not to mention all the other cool things on the site like activities for the kids and a section for parents. You'll have to check it out for yourself. It's also where you can purchase the same kit I have for the very reasonable price of $20.95! And of course if you want to see my complete journey with The Giggling Garden then check out my google + album!! And to learn more about the GGG, follow Sunflower Suzi and Friends on Facebook and GoGreenNGiggle on Twitter! 

Finally, don't forget to attend The Gigglin’ Garden Gang Twitter Party on December 20th at 1:00 pm EST. Head on over HERE to RSVP! 

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  1. oh my gosh....look at their little water pails! You have a beautiful family...

    It's so awesome that you're teaching them to go green!


  2. That looks like such a super cute kit! What fun and an awesome lesson for the little ones! And your little ones are adorable btw!

  3. Looks like they had a good time! We're anxiously awaiting for our seeds to sprout!

  4. What a fantastic resource! I'm envious of your great weather :)
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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