Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swaggeriffic Sunday! UPDATE

Welcome to Swaggeriffic Sunday! Here's a quick update to my swagbucks total!

This was truly my favorite site of 2010 and I want everyone to get involved and join in so you can see how awesome it really is! My 2010 plan was to use my swagbucks to get Amazon gift cards and buy Christmas gifts. Luckily I was blessed with a gift card to Amazon and totally shopped all those awesome sales and only used a few of my Swagbucks. My other plan was to save up my gift cards and get a Kindle but I got one of those for my birthday. So NOW my plan is to save up the cards and actually buy birthday gifts with them for the family. If you're new here Swagerriffic Sunday is where I dedicate a little time to talking about Swagbucks and how easy it is to earn some "bucks" and get some great prizes.

A little about Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine sponsored by google. It is used the same way as any other search engine, however, here is the cool part. You will occasionally, you never know when, win what is called Swagbucks when you search. Swagbucks look like this:

They come in all kinds of crazy denominations: anywhere from 1- 1000 or more! You collect those swagbucks and they can be used to redeem awesome prizes from the swagstore. It only takes 450 swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card but there are plenty of other prizes you can choose from including paypal cards and starbucks cards and even iPods!


Normally this is where I start the tally of my totals from the previous week. However, if you follow this series then you know I was saving up my swagbucks until Christmas then I was going to turn them into Amazon gift codes. Well, my goal was 24,000 before i started to cash in. Guess what? I made my goal. As of this morning I have 24195 so I'm going to start cashing them in. For that reason there will be no total this week or until the new year starts! I can't wait to see how much I can get with my gift cards! I'll keep you updated!

Don't forget about this promo! It ends tomorrow!!! 

Of course since it's holiday season swagbucks is really gearing up with some great promos! Here's the latest and best I've seen for newbies! It's called: Swagbucks Pays For Your Holidays! It involves completing a Wishlist on It's completely free to participate in, and will conclude with one lucky user winning $2500 in Amazon Gift Cards on Cyber Monday (11/28). Wooo-hooo! That's my kind of contest! This contest is open to all of the countries we serve (US, UK, CA and Australia). The full details of the promotion can be found here, but here are the ways you can earn entries to win the grand prize:

- Complete your Wishlist (1 Entry) - Wishlist can be found here.
- Share your Wishlist on either Facebook or Twitter using our Share buttons (1 entry per day you share). These shares act as a special referral link.
- Have a new user register for Swagbucks through your Wishlist share (1 entry)
- Have that user complete and share their own Wishlist (4 additional entries)

What are other ways to earn swagbucks? Well it's really quite simple. First I suggest you download the toolbar. You can go HERE to download it and it looks like this:

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. You use it just like any other search engine. Once you've put in your key word and hit "Go" it will bring up a list similar to a google search. However, sometimes you will get lucky and see that magic swagbuck like the one pictured above. Those points will automatically go into your account! How simple is that?!? I would suggest searching for anything and everything even if you do know the address. If you search too often the swag gods will let you know you need to slow down. So far that's never happened to me! 

You can also download a swidget HERE or use mine at the bottom of my page. If you click on code it will tell you if a code is active at that time. A code is an easy way to earn swagbucks. You just copy the code, go to the Swagbucks homepage and enter it! Now many of these codes are time sensitive so try to enter them as quickly as you can. They can be found on the swidget, on twitter, on Facebook or even on the toolbar under "From TSG". 

If you're a facebook fan of mine you will notice that I try to post a Swagbuck Alert wheverr there is a new code out. The swagbuck's Facebook page frequently posts codes and I will put up a hint whenever I see them! So if you're not a fan of mine I would suggest you go HERE to become one and go to Swagbuck's page and like them too! Feel free to share any hints or codes when you see them on my facebook page too! We all appreciate the help! Just remember that you cannot legally share the EXACT CODE! Only hints! 

Then there's the Daily Deals. Now we all know how much I love daily deals like Jasmere and Mini Bargainz and my latest groupon. Well this is just like those sites. The Daily Deals are essentially local shopping deals that save you money and can earn you Swag Bucks instantly - check it out HERE! (I just looked and you can get anywhere from 280- 600 swagbucks for purchasing a deal!)

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and start earning! You get 30 swagbucks just for signing up! You'll be glad you did! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! 

Not a member yet? Well what are you waiting for. Use my referral link and sign up today!!  It's totally worth it! Last year I used my swagbucks to get Amazon gift cards (only 450 for a $5 GC ) and used them for Christmas gifts!

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