Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mommy's Free Time "Holly" Day gift guide begins today!

Yes I know! I'm trying to be cute and creative and instead of Holiday I used "holly" day! I was just trying to be different...LOL.

Anyways my gift guide will begin today. I've already started my Christmas shopping and I want to share some of the good deals that I find and some of the awesome products I'll have the chance to try out. And of course, what's a Gift Guide without Gifts? I'll have some great giveaways for my readers including one that will start later today! So whenever you see that cute little button above or HDG at the beginning of a post then stay tuned! It's all about getting in the Christmas Spirit (before Thanksgiving....that just sounds so ironic but I want you to have the chance to actually buy some of these gifts)!

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