Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How I spread Holiday Cheer along with the help of #hasbroKREOsets

I'm happy to say that my Christmas shopping is almost done! Woo-hoo! The only problem is I keep seeing new and fun toys that I think my kids would love and I just want to buy every one! The good thing is I have a daughter born on Christmas Day and a son born in January so I do double the shopping and the toys I'm finding now are for birthday gifts.

The latest new and fun toy that I've seen is the KRE-O Transformers building sets. I'm sure you've seen them. They look like legos and are just as much fun! I think they would make perfect gifts for any kid age 6 and above (actually I have a 2 and a 3 year old that plays with them with adult supervision). Why are they perfect gifts? I'll tell you why. First, they have the best characters! Transformers! Hello! Both my kids love Transformers. Second, if you ever have to worry about your husband spending time playing with the kids, then worry no more. Most guys love to build and throw Transformers into the mix (we have all three movies) and I'm sure they will play with this more than the kids. And finally, from a Frugal Moms point of view, they are super affordable. They range in price from $7.99 on up (and you can find some great coupons for them online if you look around).

 So did I buy some for my kids? I have to say yes! I sure did! As a matter of fact I'm thinking we are going to use these for one of our holiday traditions. Yes, I have lots of them! I love spreading the holiday cheer. One thing we do is open one present on Christmas Eve. It's usually the parent's choice and it's something small that will keep the kids occupied from looking for Santa. ;) Two, we like to the kids wake us up, leave on our pjs, fix some hot chocolate and then go open up presents. After presents are opened I love to go into the kitchen and fix a nice big breakfast. Trust me, that's a treat because I hate to cook and I don't do it that often...LOL. Finally, and most importantly for our family, we like to give back. I always try and adopt an angel from the angel tree and then let the kids help me go pick out gifts. Being a blogger I also have the pleasure of having extra items around the house that are perfect for donations! It's a great way to brighten someone in need's day!

So what do you do to keep that holiday cheer? I love hearing about new traditions! Do you plan on purchasing some of the KRE-O sets? They really do make great gifts! My stepson loves the Optimus Prime one! Share away! I'm sure I'll find something new for my family to do.

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