Monday, November 14, 2011

How I #sendcheer with the help of Cheerios!

I hope everyone saw my first post about the #sendCheer campaign that General Mills, the USO and specifically Cheerios is currently running. Of course if you didn't you can read more about it HERE. Lucky for me I decided to go out to Walmart today to purchase my own box of Cheerios and spread a little cheer myself.

My task was to find the specially marked boxes of Cheerios, purchase a box or two, cut out the postcard that is printed on the box, add a special message and stick it in the mail. In case you really did miss my first post let me explain why I would do this.

The Cheerios sendCheer campaign is a really simple way for you to show your support for our military in 4 easy steps. 1) Purchase a specially marked box of Cheerios (like the one in the picture above). 2) Cut out the postcard on the front of the box. Easily noted by the dotted lines around the word "Cheer" in Cheerios. 3) You or a family member (children included) write a message on the back. 4) Add postage and drop the pre-addressed postcard into the mail. Simple, right?! And from personal experience I can tell you, you will put a smile on a soldier's face (especially if it's from a child...HINT HINT).

So I completed step 1 by buying the cereal. I'm a little disappointed that my Walmart didn't really have a display for this campaign. It was actually hidden by a big display of double boxes of Cheerios that were on sale. A little surprising since we are a military town. 

For Step 2 I was a little worried. I don't really have anything else to put my cereal in so I was a little concerned about cutting up my box. I know they were conserving paper but it would have helped to have a separate card in the box or something. Either way, I cut out my card and was ready to send my message.

Step 3- I wrote a little message and also allowed the kids to "write" a little something. (Like I said before, soliders and their families love to get special messages from kids!)

 Step 4- It's Sunday so tomorrow we will stick the card in the mail! I'm so excited about mailing this out! I'm even more excited to see if my family will be one of the lucky families to actually receive one. And that's where you can help out. Head on out to your local Walmart, look for the specially marked sendcheer boxes, buy one and send out your card! It really does make a difference!

Disclosure: This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for Collective Bias. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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