Sunday, November 13, 2011

HDG- #Review- Foldflops!

Now I live in the South but not far enough to have a hot or even warm Christmas but I do know that I have some readers who live in some areas where this would be a perfect Christmas gift! What is that gift you ask? Why Flip Flops! What else? So what's so special about these flip flops? They are compact and portable. Yes, they are called Foldflops and they make it easy for that woman on the go who just might run into a situation where she needs to change shoes. (If you're like me, that might be almost every day of your life...LOL).

 Foldflops are revolutionary foldable and portable flip-flop sandals for women and men that offer style, comfort, and convenience for on-the-go happy feet. They are lightweight and space-saving making them a cinch to carry along in any situation. Ladies can tuck them away in their purses before a night out of dancing offering relief from uncomfortable heels at the end of the night. Waterproof and UV-resistant, foldflops are developed for continued wear, giving them a sporty yet stylish edge. Unlike disposable or flimsy foldable shoes, foldflops are constructed with flexible and ultra cushioning, custom molded, high quality EVA. Foldflops’ high-level comfort features include a porous edged topsole to resist dirt and sweat, a ridged outsole to minimize slip, and a cushioned inset to maximize foot and arch support. They’ve thought of everything!

 My Take: I received a black pair of fold flops to try out. They are actually super cool and convenient. I think my favorite part is the cute little carrying satchel that comes with them. It makes it so easy to fold them up and then stuff them in your purse, workout bag or even diaper bag. They fit just like any other flip flops and folding them doesn't appear to effect the sole of the shoes or impede walking.

Now that being said I did have a few minor issues. One, I found it difficult to fold the flip flops and then stuff them into the bag. I was also worried at first that the shoes would break from being folded often but I haven't had any problems yet, although I do worry about how long they will last. If it's a year than that is fine because most flip flops I buy usually only last a year. Two, I didn't like the size choices. It wasn't just a simple size 10 or size 5 it was 5-6 or 9-10. That actually made it pretty difficult to get the perfect size. Mine are actually a little on the large size. Finally, the price. I did find the price to be a little steep for flip flops. Not really sure if a frugal mom would buy these for herself...LOL. Other than that they will make perfect gifts for things like office parties, friends going on tropical vacations or even for those friends who live in a hotter climate during the Christmas months. No hats and coats for them. Foldflops instead!

Buy it: Foldflops are available online in both men and women sizes. They can be purchased for the retail price of $20 and come in various sizes and colors.

Disclosure: This item was provided to me at no charge by Foldflops in order to facilitate this review. This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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