Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Emergen-C Kidz!

So I tried Emergen C and I liked it. I love that they always have new ways to make it more interesting by the addition of drink recipes. I've tried a few of the mocktails with samples I received and I loved them! The only bad part was my kids would see them and want to try them too! Since they do have vitamins and other nutrients for adults I didn't really want to give it to the kids. Apparently, I wasn't the only parent that felt that way because guess what just came out? Emergen-C Kidz! A specially formulated flavored fizzy drink mix that is perfect for children ages 4 and up!

New Emergen-C Kidz offers all of the fun and fizzy goodness of original Emergen-C vitamin drink mix, now specially formulated just for kids. 
  • Each pack provides key vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants, which can play a vital role in metabolism and energy, and help support an active kid’s lifestyle.* 
  • With three naturally delicious kid-tested flavors — Fruit Punch, Orange, and Grape — parents can also feel good about giving it to their kids.

What's more, Emergen-C Kidz is the newest product to join The Emergen-C Fund (emergenc.com/fund), benefiting worthy causes and organizations through sales, so you can help Emergen-C Kidz give back too! For every box sold, Emergen-C will donate 25 cents to Vitamin Angels, which will help provide essential nutrients to one child for one year, helping reduce childhood mortality worldwide.

As if that’s not enough, you can take the My Emergen-C Kidz Pledge at Facebook.com/EmergenC to commit to creating a fun and healthy lifestyle for your family. For every Pledge, Emergen-C will donate an additional 25 cents to Vitamin Angels to help save a life - so take the pledge and share your tips today!  

My Take: I had the opportunity to try all three flavors of Emergen-C Kidz: the grape, fruit punch and orange. I didn't realize until I received the boxes that they were for kids 4 and up. Well my daughter is almost 4 so I wasn't worried about her but I was curious about my son. I contacted my PR rep and she let me know that Emergen-C is okay for children 2 and up. You just mix half of the packet with 4-6oz of water instead of the whole packet with 4-6oz. So I let the kids pick which one they wanted to try and mixed them up. My first impression was not so positive. I didn't like the smell of the powder.  However I do love that they are packaged into individual servings so it's perfect to take on the go. I hate it when it's one big box of powder that you dip out your serving! My daughter chose Fruit Punch and my son chose Orange. The kids loved watching it fizz as I mixed the powder with the water and they seemed to like the taste. I decided to give it a try myself and was happy that it didn't taste the way it smelled. It was a little chalky tasting for my likes but both kids finished off their cups. I also added more water than suggested and I think they liked the water down version better. They suggest you take it up to two times a day but my kids already get a multi-vitamin so I'm only giving it to them a few times a week. They love it that way because it seems more like a special treat!

Buy it: Emergen-C Kidz is now available in stores and if you would like to try before you buy you can head over HERE and request a sample.

Disclosure: I received this product at no charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.


  1. I love this stuff! I didn't know they had a kids version!

  2. I used to work for Emergen-C, at the corporate office, and I will tell you that it has been a labor of love for the founder, Mr. Alacer. Emergen-C, and many of Alacer Corp other products are great! The vitamin C in Emergen-C is different from your average vitamin because it is in a format that is readily digestible. Your body actually can use it!

  3. Emergen-C is a great product! I especially like that the vitamin C in it is easily digestible, so your body gets all the good stuff!


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