Sunday, October 23, 2011

One last #Halloween Costume! #Review: Costume Discounters

I just realized that I never shared my thoughts on my costume that I got for my daughter! I don't know how I left her out! I know you've seen my great pirate costume, my son's Wolverine costume and now it's time to share the BLACK CAT costume! Yes, a black cat! That's all she's been talking about and I never knew it would be so HARD to find  black cat costumes!

That's where Costume Discounters comes in! They have great costumes at super awesome prices that will work for Halloween or any time of the year! And there is so much to choose from. Their costumes range from infants to adults. I decided to let my 3 year old pick out her costume. Bad choice...LOL. First she was overwhelmed and then she picked out some weird stuff. Here's two of her choices:

 Here's my choice:
And of course for price reasons and for looks (I could make that one on the right she picked!) we went for my choice. Of course I persuaded her into believing that it was her choice! =)

My Take: I was so excited about this costume! It came with everything but the shoes and tights. And lucky me, Walmart had the exact tights (like the one in the picture) for $2.47! And she already has some cute little black shoes she can wear. When the costume came of course she couldn't wait to try it on! At first I was a little upset because it was so wrinkled from being in the package but then again it's tulle so I know I just needed to hang it up and let it fall into place. The costume was a little big on her but that's the way I like it. That way, in case it's a little cold she has room to put something on under it! And of course she loves it. It doesn't scream Halloween so she can also use it as dress up for as long as she wants! I love it when you can buy costumes like that. And of course I tried to take some pictures (I had to cut my son out of some of them because he just HAD to have his picture taken too...LOL).

Buy it: So if you're on the lookout for last minute new Halloween costumes then be sure to check out Costume Disounters. They can even guarantee that you get your costume before Halloween (of course you will have to pay a little more for that). The particular costume we picked retails for only $25.97 which is pretty reasonable when you consider how much Halloween costumes cost!

Disclosure: This item was provided to me at no charge by Costume Discounters in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.


  1. Very cute costumes! Halloween is so much fun!! I just wish I had little one's to dress up.

    All of my children are grown :)

  2. Great choices, both kids look great in their costumes. My brother was like your son, you can find him in the background of most of pictures.

  3. That's a great costume! She looks fabulous!


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